Thursday, December 06, 2012

The Lion Alligator Sleeps Tonight

Remember last week when I wrote this post??? Well let me give you an update. So the first night Sam was asleep outside our bedroom door and the next night I found him curled up on the (hardwood) floor beside my side of the bed. He was using my slippers as a pillow. He wasn't waking us up but I still felt like this was a parenting fail.

So I decided that if he was going to sleep in our room anyways I'd make him a bed so at least he could be somewhat comfortable. So for a few nights we'd wake up in the morning and find him in this makeshift bed in our room. (I asked him to crawl into it today so I could get a picture to post with this blog.) And sometimes he prefers to fall asleep in this bed and then we transfer him to his room once he's out.

But for the last three nights (or so) he has stayed in his bed in his room All. Night. Long!!! Can I get a "Whoo hoo!", an "Amen" and an "I'm so excited I've been sleeping through the night again I can hardly express how happy this makes me?!?!?!?" Thank you.

Now to figure out what's going on with Miss Rachel Roo who was up from 1:30-2 and from 3:45-4:30 last night/this morning... I'm blaming her for the cold I woke up with this morning.


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    1. I'm just glad Sam likes his new "bed" and that I'm getting a good night's sleep (sometimes!). Ha ha ha!!!


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