Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Grandma

One year ago today my Grandma Ewert died at the age of 104 years and nine months. I am remembering her today and wanted to tell you a bit about her. (You can read more about her here (tribute I wrote on her 104th birthday) and here (her obituary)). In fact, I re-read those two pieces and really, I don't think there is any more to share.
Except maybe this... Grandma always liked to get her own way, and she had certain ideas about how things should go, especially when it involved her family. But when her family pushed and pulled and continued to go their own way, she gave up and joined in. Kind of like she did in this video with Sam, which is one of my favourites. Please, if you only check out one link in this post, watch that 21 second video. It shows Grandma doing some of the things she loved best -- singing and interacting with her family.
Today I will be remembering my grandma in the following ways: I'm eating some Turtles (one of her favourite chocolates). I'm drinking some coffee (mixed with hot chocolate -- my own addition!). I'm going to church (and not just that, but I'm teaching my Sunday School kids about how to be involved in next week's worship service!). And I will be eating a turkey dinner hosted by good friends who are like family. Now all we need is a Scrabble game...! I think that's a pretty good legacy to leave your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren -- family, food, fun living and faith in God. Thank you Grandma for being such an inspiration.


  1. such a sweet post! how lucky you were to have your grandma for so long. :)

  2. So sweet! Sounds like she lived a very long, full and happy life! I see the same in your future. :-)

  3. I think it would be so neat to live to be 100! I think about it often. Sometimes I just say, I'm pacing : )

    1. You only want to live to be 100 if you're in super-good health and have lots of people around :) Otherwise I think it would be a little lonely. And my grandma always joked, "Not many people die after 100!"


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