Sunday, December 30, 2012

Waterloo's Wonders of Winter

For about nine years I lived about a five minute walk from Waterloo Park and just about every winter I would go and walk and look at the holiday lights. (I call them "Holiday Lights" because they have everything from dinosaurs to Sponge Bob Square Pants to Dora the Explorer to Santa Claus to... -- needless to say, I don't think of many of those things as Christmas-y in the least!). I often went with Tim and Janice or other friends. So this year, when we were actually living here, I wanted to take Sam and Rachel. But then Sam was sick or I was sick or we were out of energy.
Noah's ark

Today we went to church (yay!) and then did a few quick errands and then headed home for lunch and naps. Rachel and I both napped and Sam had quiet time. Then Dave's parents and niece came over for supper and two hours of playing play-dough with Sam. Actually I'm not sure that was on their agenda but it sure was in Sam's plans.

Penguins and an igloo

We made a turkey sweet potato shepherd's pie (I ate vegetarian samosas and mashed sweet potatoes) and used up a fair bit of our turkey leftovers. Then we all went to Wonders of Winter. It was great because Dave's mom pushed Rachel in the stroller and Dave and his niece entertained Sam. I don't think we would have made it if we'd just gone as our family of four. I took pictures with our new camera! As we're still figuring out how it works, let's just say the picture quality is better than with our point and shoot but still not totally awesome. I'm workin' on it! As for today, I'm just glad I was able to leave the house, help cook dinner, do dishes and still be able to go somewhere after dinner. I think I'm gettin' my groove back!

A blurry nativity scene

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  1. Awww, so glad you're back to feeling like yourself again! The pictures are great so is always difficult to get good night pictures so you did well. I love the lights (at least the ones you took pictures of...I'm not a fan of Sponge Bob. Ha!). So glad you got to share this tradition with your kids!


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