Monday, December 10, 2012

Test Post (Again)

I keep running out of space in my Blogger accounts. I get around that by creating new e-mail addresses and identities! Kind of cheating the system you could say. My first identity lasted through five years, about eighteen months of that being every day posting. My second identity lasted not quite three months. I think I need to learn how to easily shrink pictures since I refuse to pay for extra space on Blogger and I heard a rumour you won't run out of photo storage if your photos are less than 800K. Until then I will keep creating new accounts so I can keep you all informed about the exciting happenings in our lives!

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  1. Yes, shrink your pictures...they'll upload much faster too. And it's easy peasy. I actually just do it in Microsoft paint. Just open up the picture you want to post in Paint, hit "resize," and select by: "percentage" and type 50 for both horizontal and vertical. Click OK and that'll make the picture 50% of it's original size which should save you a lot of space without reducing the quality for blogger. :-)


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