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Book Review: Fireworks Over Toccoa

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Sorry about two posts in one day (and within half an hour of each other too!) but I also wanted to get my book review for December up in a timely fashion.

So for November's book club hosted by Camila, we had a choice to read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (which I love by the way) or Fireworks Over Toccoa. I'd never read Fireworks before, (I'm assuming I can call it that!), so I decided to read that one. It's a first novel by Jeffrey Stepakoff and to be blunt, you can tell. It reminded me a little of Nicholas Sparks' novels and stories, but with poorer writing.

This is a sweet love story about Lily and Jake set in Georgia. I've never been to The South and this book made me want to go even more, assuming the portrayal is at all realistic! I read this book in one night, when I was feeling sick, and maybe that influenced my thoughts on it. The plot just seemed a little too perfect and... sweet, and maybe simplistic. Although there was a surprise ending which I appreciated concerning Lily, Jake and Lily's husband Paul.

I found the whole fireworks theme really interesting, especially finding out how they were made and what being involved in fireworks in the 1940s would have been like. Stepakoff mentioned that he spent some time interviewing a fireworks family so I assume that information is somewhat realistic.

If you are looking for a quick read I would highly suggest this one. And check out Camila's online book club if you're looking for a book club with relatively little commitment. Besides reading the book that is :)

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  1. I am so jealous when you post about a new book you've read because I want to read for pleasure again. :-( Yeah, books about the south (especially love stories) do tend to over dramatize and romanticize the south. It is definitely different now. However, I would say what I've read from Sparks about NC (he lives here) is pretty accurate (especially Dear John about the area of Wilmington, NC which still has a lot of old charm with the modern conveniences of a beach town. Charleston, SC is still a very beautiful old southern city that can give you a taste of old southern charm. I'd take you there if you ever come to visit. :-)


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