Thursday, August 28, 2014

Some Days I Want To Homeschool

Sometimes I really enjoying doing ideas I've found on Pinterest with my kids. I like making their days fun and unique. I get a kick out of watching them have fun with something I've introduced them to. For instance, Sam loved the Angry Birds sandwiches I made above.
And this backyard car wash was such a simple idea that kept the kids entertained for awhile.

The kids thought making ice cream in a bag was the Best. Thing. Ever!!! And it was :)
Then we did some painting with coloured vinegar and baking soda. That was pretty entertaining too.
And finally, after searching all over the city for some plain wooden cubes to make homemade dice, the kids also really enjoyed playing this simple dot game.
Of course, then there are days like the one I will write about tomorrow, and I realize that I'm sorta glad that school starts in a week, our regular fall activities are resuming, and I don't have to try and figure out seventy billion ways to entertain Sam and Rachel without resorting to videos.

But I'm sure that in a month I will be missing these days of fun projects and crazy messes.


  1. These projects all look like so much fun! I have thought and prayed so much about homeschooling. A couple of years ago, I was sure that is how our children should be educated. But, the more I prayed about it, the more I felt like it wasn't the direction that God had for us. Maybe some day in the future that will change, we'll see.

  2. Awe, you're such a fun mama! I definitely think you would do a great job homeschooling, but the choice is totally up to you. As Tracy said, praying about it should help. But homeschooling or not, education still begins at home, and you are doing a great job. Oh and I liked your baking soda and vinegar artwork better than ours. Of course, I was low on the baking soda. Haha! Did you do the "complete" project all the way until no baking soda was left and you were left with a black smelly liquid mixture? ;-)


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