Friday, August 01, 2014


I didn't know what to blog about but then I was catching up on blogs and Bekah (and her husband!) answered the questions which I answered for April last week. And I went "Aha!" because I remembered Erika's currently post which I wanted to use at some point. I love the blog world! So here goes...

Currently, I am...

Listening... to a lot of tired kids melting down. After last week's busyness and a full, fun weekend (which I haven't even had a chance to blog about yet), we have all been exhausted this week. Just come on over and you will hear it! (Dave read this and said I should have written about what music I've been listening to but who can hear music above the meltdowns?!?!)

Eating... a lot of breakfast pitas. Yum yum yum! Also I randomly bought Honeycombs yesterday so I will be eating a lot of those too. And Janice and I made gazpacho the other day so I've been eating that too.
Drinking... I've decided to cut down on the coffee-hot chocolates (except on weekends) and Coke so I've been drinking a lot of tea and more water. It's been a bizarre transition. Which is a little sad. Also sad is the fact that I still can't find "Share A Coke With Natasha" despite looking in numerous stores. I refuse to believe Dave's assertion that Coke is punishing me because they know I'm drinking less of it! If you see one, please buy it, and send it to me.
Wearing... honestly, my pajamas a lot. And sweat capris. Such is the wardrobe of a tired, stay at home mom who hasn't gone a lot of places this week.

Feeling... tired and weirdly excited. I spent a couple of evenings at the preschool this week, with some other board members, and we spent hours cleaning up the classroom. We got rid of a lot of junk. Purging just makes me happy, even if it's not my own home. However, it is also tiring and I got home at midnight one night.

Weather... As in, "What's up with our weather?" We've had a cool, rainy summer thus far and I'm ready for some heat. I need to soak up some warmth before winter returns and our summer has felt more like fall this year.

Wanting... a good night's sleep, Rachel to sleep past 6:45am, and some time to finish my book. I'm reading our "One Book, One Community" book and it is oddly engaging. I say "oddly engaging" because it's historical non-fiction and I normally don't care for that genre. The book is "The Massey Murder" by Charlotte Gray, and it is the story of a housemaid who murdered her master, a member of a prominent family, and what happened afterwards. It took place in Toronto in 1915.

Needing... a quiet weekend and I'm not getting one. I have a couple of things I'm really excited about, a couple of things I'm less excited about, and no time to gather energy to get through all the things. I also need some time to do some intense weeding in our backyard and to try and figure out our tomato/pumpkin jungle.

Thinking... about various blog friends who are waiting any day for babies to arrive (I'm looking at you Erika and Kelly!), and about some fun, potential, employment opportunities. I will share more as I can but I'm still in the early processing stages right now.

Enjoying... this summer with my family, taking pictures for my Project 364, doing Pinterest crafts and experiments with Sam and Rachel, and getting ready for our beach vacation in a few weeks!


  1. I need to know more about these breakfast pitas! That sounds delicious!! And that book does sound oddly engaging-- and I am also not really a fan of anything that isn't fiction. :)

  2. I've yet to find my name on a coke can either, although I'm guessing it's not going to happen. I've had to pretty much given up finding my name pre-printed ever since I was little. Although they do have a wide collection of names out there, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Natasha.

  3. I guess I do need to at least send you that one I found for Rachel, huh? If I see one for Natasha, I am definitely getting it. :-)


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