Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beach Vacation 2014: Off To A Good Start

Note to my readers: I have been finding it difficult to write a "Traversing Canada Tuesday" for every week so this series will now be published every other week instead.

Last week we were at the beach with friends. We rented a house, we planned, we packed, and it was going to be awesome. I was so looking forward to it.

The night we arrived was gorgeous. We went down to the beach after supper and took some pictures, just soaking up the beauty of our surroundings.
The next morning we headed to the beach. The water was still calm, but cold, so we didn't spend much time swimming. We also checked out the sandcastles (although really they were more like sand sculptures) from the Sandcastle Festival which had finished the day before. They were incredible.
We headed back to the house for lunch, and then since we were all tired, we hung around there for the afternoon. Sam, Rachel, and Dave played games and I read an entire book! This was such a rare treat for me.
After supper that night, we strolled back to Main Street (which was about a fifteen minute walk from our house) to get some ice cream.
And then we took a family picture at sunset. We were planning on getting more "official," shall we say, family pictures later in the week.
And that was the end of our first day at the beach. It was a glorious day and we looked forward to more days to come.


  1. oh my goodness. I have always wanted to be at a beach when sand sculptures were underway or on display. HOW COOL!!!!!!!! I love those so much. Oh to have that kind of talent. :)

    1. I was amazed by all the different sand works of art. It was so impressive. I just wish we could been there earlier and watched them in process.

  2. Those sand sculptures are amazing!! What beach were you at??

  3. I love the sand sculptures. How pretty! The lake looks just like the ocean. How does the water compare?

  4. You guys always see the neatest things...especially art related (like the can sculptures and now these sand sculptures). Canadians must be so artistic. :-) Those sand sculptures were amazing, and I love that I could tell they were huge because of Sam and Rachel in the pictures. The ice cream eating pictures are classics!

  5. Those sand castles are awesome! Although I have to say, my favorite is probably the one that's an actual castle. I guess that's not very unique of me though...


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