Monday, August 11, 2014

But Sometimes We Just Watch TV

We are on our beach vacation this week. I am so excited to have a week with my family with no plans. I have scheduled some blog posts for this week so the blog isn't on vacation :) I will miss you all but I will catch up with you when we return. Of course, I'll also be unpacking and watching two extra kids for a few days so I might not be able to catch up with you all right away! We are staying at a house with no internet but I may find some WiFi and share a few pictures on Instagram so find me there.

Sometime around May, I started finding things on Pinterest which I thought might be interesting or fun to do this summer. And then on the first day of summer vacation, Sam and I wrote a list we titled, "Sam And Rachel's Summer Of Fun 2014." We put Pinterest projects, Sam's ideas, and some thoughts we had together on this list.

Since we only have about three weeks until school starts (sadness), I thought I would tell you about some of the things we've done.

1) Make watermelon cookies. This was really easy to do and the kids were super excited about it.
2) Make frozen ice chalk. This was a two step process. First we actually had to make the chalk. Then, after it was frozen, we needed to wait for a sufficiently warm day to use the chalk. This was a really fun activity.
3) Make rainbow sidewalk chalk erupting paint. The kids LOVED this activity and it kept them entertained for over two hours. Definitely a winner in my books.
4) Make a star garland. This was an idea from one of Sam's Chirp magazines. He basically decided what shapes and colours he wanted and I created them to his specifications.
5) Make a handprint sunshine. This was a crazy project and I think the kids ended up turning theirs into lions. Or something!
6) Make outdoor spray painting art. I used my amazing gel food colouring and water instead of actual paint and it worked just as well. The kids loved doing this one too and I only had to yell at them once to keep them from spray painting the car green! We did agree they could paint the white petunias blue.

We've also gone mini golfing, to the zoo, and to the children's museum but I've already blogged about those adventures. We have more things to do but I don't think we'll finish everything. After all, there has also been a lot of Sam and Rachel just playing with each other and more than their fair share of watching Franklin and Mighty Machines videos and, surprisingly, those weren't actually on the list.


  1. I love these projects!!! Have fun on vacation!

  2. You guys are just too creative! I love those projects. I think Sam's star banner needs to stay up all the time...but you know I love banners! :-)


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