Thursday, August 21, 2014

Discovering Creativity And Finding Humour

Besides doing all the non-beachy things I mentioned yesterday, we also spent an afternoon creating artwork out of glass. Dave and Rachel worked together, and Sam and I each did our own projects. I was incredibly impressed with how patient and careful Sam was. He was amazing!!!
First we picked a design and then traced the design onto the glass. After outlining it in liquid glass, we filled it in with glass pieces.
Instead of doing a predetermined pattern, I decided to make myself a necklace. I thought it turned out well except the glass woman kept calling my star in the middle a dragonfly. I never claimed to be an artist!
After we had finished them, we left them overnight to be fired. And then we came home and hung our creations in our windows, or around our necks, as the case may be. Sadly, Rachel's owl decided to test its wings shortly after I hung it. Since it forgot that it was glass, and therefore couldn't fly, it shattered spectacularly all over the floor. I was so bummed.
During the week, I also found some funny signs and interesting sights that I just couldn't help photographing.

Bekah, the Procaffeinating sign is just for you!

For some reason this last picture made me laugh so much!!! So rather than leaving you with the story of The Owl Who Discovered She Couldn't Fly, I'll leave you with this instead.


  1. Those look great! I am really impressed. Glass art work is so fun.

  2. The glass art work looks like so much fun! I love your necklace whether it's a star or a dragonfly. =)

  3. Fun! Kate would love the glass art! I will have to look around and see if there is anything like that here!

  4. I love the glass artwork and am totally bummed that Rachel's masterpiece was ruined. I am glad you have a picture of it, but I know it isn't the same. I kind of just want a dish full of those gorgeous colored glass pieces. They just look so pretty!


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