Friday, August 08, 2014

Opening A Treasure Box

On Sunday Dave and I had a date. Sometimes we have a very specific date plan, and other times it is completely random. This past week was a completely random date inspired by some coupons we found in our Treasures Book. (This is a book of coupons for places from all over our area. We paid $35 for it and we saved at least that much money on this one date alone.)

The first thing on our list was to buy a tree. We accomplished that in less time than we had planned so we headed to Target. You cannot imagine my joy and excitement when I found the bedding I've been eying for Sam, for over a year, on a 50% off sale.

Then we headed to King Crab Oyster Bar and Grill for supper. Since it was a date, I ordered a drink. It was called a Flirtini and it had vodka and raspberry so I was a happy camper :) I love raspberries. We also ordered the Escargot Tower and I'd go back again just for that. Dave had the Shrimp Creole and was reminded, again, that he really doesn't like grits.
Then we did a few random errands to let some of the food settle, and then we headed off to a driving range. Yes, it was another coupon and Dave and I were both willing to try it out. This was the most fun ever, mostly because Dave and I were completely awful at it.
Note Dave's great form, him looking for the ball, and then doubling over with laughter when realizing he'd completely missed the ball.
This was a much more successful shot but notice the tee is missing. Ha ha ha!!!
I missed more than my fair share of balls too, and I also excelled at sending the tee flying. Plus I had excellent form. Or not! Once we found some tees with larger bottoms, which wouldn't go flying when we hit them, we managed to solve at least one of our problems.

Dave and I laughed ourselves silly but determined that mini golf is the area of golf we will continue to focus on!

And then we hit the batting cages.
I was so fast, I was just a blur. Or you know, I understand our camera a little better than Dave and he got different pictures :)
Even though the plan for our date was random, we had a really good time. We had lots of time to talk, try new things, and just spend some time together. You could say, it was a treasure of a date!


  1. This post made me smile so much! I'm glad that you all got to go on such an awesome date. You two are so much fun!

  2. What a fun date night! We have one of those little coupon books for our area. It is the only fundraiser Evan's school does, and I am so glad. I hate fundraisers, but these books are totally worth the money. We use them all year long and definitely get more than our money back from the savings. Tell Dave I commend him for continuing his efforts to appreciate grits and southern food. I am not a shrimp and grits fan either, but if he comes to visit, I will treat him to some yummy cheese grits that I am pretty confident he will like. Driving ranges and batting cages on a date...are you sure ya'll aren't in high school? Haha! Way to stay young! ;-)


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