Wednesday, August 20, 2014

{Not Really A} Beach Vacation 2014

We booked this week at the beach shortly after New Year's and the thought of a hot summer week At. The. Beach. kept me going on many a cold winter day. And then Augtober happened. Yep, we hit the beach on a cold, windy week and suddenly we had to find other things to do because hanging out on the wet, extremely windy beach wasn't happening.
So what did we do instead? Well, we watched snails.
We found a playground to play at.
Somehow in the confusion of packing, we managed to bring no long sleeved item for Dave so we went shopping. Rachel suggested this as an option for Dave!
We hung out at the house and worked on workbooks, did yoga, read, and drank shot glasses of Coke!
We checked out the local farmer's market one day.
We played some mini golf.

We enjoyed the free Wifi, the unique decor (benches made of skateboards and old hockey sticks, anyone?), and the games' tables at the Two Chicks Cafe.
And because I got frustrated, and I am insane, I did go swimming for about four minutes one day. I think the high that day was about 14C (57F) but darn it all, I was at the beach and I wanted to swim. Can you spot my head among the waves?! And then I spent the rest of the day drinking tea and standing in a hot shower trying to ward off hypothermia. Kidding. Kind of.


  1. Dang. Yeah, I would be mad about the extremely inhospitable beach weather. Next time you should plan the beach vacation in Georgia or Florida. It's guaranteed to be hot, PLUS I can visit you there!!!! :)

  2. I was thinking about you guys being at the beach last week when it was so cold :( I'm sad you had such bad weather!

    I was possibly not too far from you in Kincardine this past weekend and like you I was in denial that it was cold and forced myself into the water on Saturday... luckily my friend had a hot tub to hop into after because BRRRRR!

    1. I wish I had had a hot tub. I might have stayed in the water for about thirty seconds longer!

  3. So, was the pink owl shirt a no go for Dave? hee hee. Rachel is so cute! Cold beach have my kind of luck.

  4. That must have been those couple of weeks we had recently where it rained and was fall-like...weird! Now it is back up to really hot summer weather, of course, after everyone is in school and the pools are getting ready to close! ;(

  5. Unlike some of your other southern commenters, we have been having a very mild summer with lots of rain which has kept everything pretty lush and green. Our beach week last week was thankfully still pretty hot with just some crazy but quick afternoon showers right along the cost. I agree that the next beach vacation needs to be planned further south for warmer temps. :-) I do love how creative you all got with finding fun things to do. And you are definitely an adventurous girl to jump in that cold water on a cold day. Yikes!

  6. This sounds a lot like our beach vacation last year. Except instead of cold windy days, we were stuck with rain which left pretty much all outside activities. Pretty much the only time I've gone on a beach vacation where we spent the day at the movies.


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