Monday, July 06, 2015

Weekend A-Zed

I am blatantly stealing this idea from my friend, Erika, because I thought it was a fun way to tell you about our weekend, and since our national holiday was in the middle of last week, it was just a regular old weekend around here. Well mostly "regular!"

A is for Asparagus, which Sam ate a bunch of for supper on Saturday night.
B is for Books, which we can now borrow from the little library at our pool. Yay!
C is for our CSA (community shared agriculture), which was pretty much all we ate for supper on Saturday night. Yum!
D is for Dad Bod, which Dave is proudly displaying here! Also, How To Achieve A Dad Bod -- do yard work while drinking beer! Ha ha ha!!!
E is for Excellent parenting, which Dave and I displayed at the pool on Sunday by bribing our children with two treats each if they made specific advances in the pool. Sam stuck his face in the water ten times and Rachel dunked her head. I'd say it was worth it!

F is for FitBit, which I got on Saturday. I got the One and let's just say I might be a little obsessed with it.

G is for Going out of my way, which I now do quite often to get extra steps now that I have the FitBit. Ha ha ha!

H is for Hand me downs, specifically the shorts Rachel wore on Saturday which still have Tessa's name written in them. It made me smile :)

I is for Ice cream sandwiches at the pool.
J is for Jogging, something I need to start doing again because I signed up for a really fun run in August. I'll give you a hint: It takes place at our local airport. Wheee!

K is for Knock Knock jokes, of which Sam told about 1,000 on Saturday night at supper.

L is for Lounging around, which Rachel and I excelled at yesterday at the pool.
M is for the Marathon of Mini golf, which we had on Saturday with Janice, Tessa, and Willem when we played two rounds.
N is for Napa Cabbage Salad, which I made on Saturday for supper. Oh yum.

O is for Obsessed, which Sam is with baseball and hockey lately. He even made his own hockey rink from Lego this past weekend.
P is for Pizza, which we basically have every Sunday after church. Yum!

Q is for the future Queen of Illea, who I read about in The Heir, which I borrowed from Tessa because I've been waiting for three weeks for it to come in at the library, and that's just way too long in my opinion.

R is for Radio, which is how we listen to the Blue Jays. Because we apparently live in the 1930s!

S is for Santa Fe Salad, which I had at Boston Pizza on Saturday for lunch. It was Super!
T is for Tennis and Thistles. Sam and Dave played tennis yesterday afternoon and Dave dealt with our entire thistle forest this past weekend.
U is for Unusual, which is what Rachel waking up between 1 and 2am every single night this weekend was. Blah.

V is for Videos, which is what Rachel was holding, and thus used to cover her ears when the smoke detector went off on Friday evening.
W is for the Whining Olympics, which Rachel won gold in this weekend. Argh.

X is for Xerophytic (adapted to a dry environment (definition from here)), which the latest member of our family to have an Instagram account is not. Yes, you too can now follow on Instagram! (This all started when Sam saw that Tessa had created an Instagram account for their dog, which makes more sense than having one for a fish.)

Y is for "Yes!" which is what I shouted every time I finished a mini golf hole in only two shots on Saturday.

Z is for Zehrs, where we went grocery shopping on Saturday.

And that was our weekend, from A to Zed!


  1. Ha, I can definitely relate to the part about going out of your way now that you have a FitBit! I am a slave to the step tracking :)

  2. I'll third taking the scenic route to appease the fitbit!! I have the One, also!! Let's be friends! And I think you did way better at this A-Z thing than I did. And I support bribing your kid to do tricky things at the pool. I would totally bribe Matt to learn to dive if he would go for it...but he won't. He thinks he is too old to learn. Sigh.

  3. Fun idea for a post. You had a very busy weekend! Maybe I will try this for my next monthly post...since I can't get it together to post weekly right now and definitely can't post about just a weekend. Sigh.

  4. I've never been to a little library but the always look like so much fun. I actually looked online and know we have a few near us but have yet to actually visit one in person.


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