Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer 2015: Week Two

Week two of summer is over and what did we do?

I originally thought there wasn't a lot going on but when I wrote it all out, I realized it was actually a fairly full week. A lot of time was spent at the pool, as Sam and Rachel had lessons every day.
Fridays are my favourite pool day because there is a (really cheap) BBQ and I don't have to pack a lunch. Sam and Rachel enjoy doing the crafts and playing the games (or in Rachel's case, picking flowers) which are offered on the other days.
One of our goals in joining the pool was to get Sam and Rachel more comfortable in the water. The other day, after having swimming lessons, lunch, games, and a tennis lesson for Sam, they both wanted to get back in. I didn't have my swimsuit and they were fine going in on their own. I would say that our goal has been accomplished.
We still have our weekly CSA pickup on Tuesdays, but on Wednesdays at the pool there is a local produce stand where we have been supplementing with things not available through our CSA, like strawberries and local sourdough bread. Yum!
One day this past week, we went out to have tea with Janice, Tessa, Willem, Janice's mom, and another friend. Our friend set a beautiful table and Rachel found some fun glasses to wear!
Our yellow-orange raspberries started producing! I may have picked the first crop (of three berries) for myself and gobbled them before anyone noticed. I LOVE yellow raspberries!
We've had some cooler nights so Sam and Rachel made Kleenex beds for their stuffed animals so they'd be warm :)
The bulk of our roof was done last week but there were a few little things to finish up which provided some entertainment for Sam and Rachel one morning.
Not only are we part of a vegetable CSA but I also have a flower share. I love getting my weekly bouquets. Expect to see more of them on the blog in the coming weeks.
Angie hand delivered some sorrel from the farm for Sam because she knows how much he LOVES it. And because he asked her to bring some about thirty thousand times.
Despite what I told my friend Tracy in this blog post about meal planning, this has been a rough meal week, mostly because I am fighting a cold (and it's winning), so one night we headed to McDonald's for supper. (And if you read my comment on Tracey's post, we will probably still pick up pizza on Sunday after church because we're consistent like that.)
After our oh-so-healthy supper, we went to the library to do the summer reading program scavenger hunt. Despite working in teams, it took us almost an hour to complete (it was hard), and Dave understood why I didn't want to attempt it, with both kids, on my own. We were looking for the pictures below which were hidden in tricky spots.
This is not specific to this past week necessarily, although it did happen again last night, but Rachel LOVES when we eat supper outside. She will pull out the tablecloth, cutlery, plates, and cups. So we get some interesting table combinations. Right now she is loving using all the stuff from her birthday. I will have to show her where our re-useable outdoor dishes are, but right now it's neat to let her do it all on her own.
And last night was our last Family Flyer Time ever. I will miss Rachel pulling the wagon, I will miss Sam getting excited about delivering to "his houses" (the ones where he could reach the mailbox), and I may have shed a tear or two as we headed off into the sunset. It's been a fun job and I will miss it next year. Although I am looking forward to the (ever so slightly!) larger income I will be earning in my new position. Ha ha ha!!!
And then we came home and marked the occasion by eating fresh strawberries and ice cream, although it may be hard to spot under all the strawberries!
And that was week two of our summer.  


  1. I have never heard of yellow raspberries!! Do they taste the same as red or black? And those little kleenex blankets = ADORABLE!!!!

    1. Yellow raspberries have a different taste. I think they're slightly sweeter. But oh, are they yummy!!!

  2. Put me down for one never hearing about yellow raspberries before either. I bet they are delish! With the girls having Hip Hop camp this week, I was so tempted to grab a pizza more than once. We did good though. Sometimes, you just have to get some Mickey D's. I love that you kiddos are getting more comfortable around the pool. I have to say, they look pretty cute swimming! I don't think that I would attempt a scavenger hunt without Jason either. Evan get hyper focused with those types of things and it doesn't mesh well with Addi being a free spirit. =)

  3. Looks like you guys are having a great summer! I've been trying to decide when to do swim lessons for C and Nina. They're in gymnastics right now, so I didn't want to do too much at once.
    And I've never seen yellow raspberries. So neat!

  4. Oh how great is it to have kids who are comfortable enough to swim by themselves. It really does give us a big break at the pool. I have never had yellow raspberries. I think I need to make a trip north to try your next big crop. ;-) That flower share does sound pretty perfect for you. And oh the perils of keeping up with meal planning. We ate out twice this week at kids eat free places, but it actually works out to be about as cheap as the groceries would have cost these days. Sigh. The only trouble I have with eating out now is that I want to try to go gluten free, but I always mess up when I eat out. I do so much better at home. Oh and I love that Sam and Rachel were matching in the flyer pictures. How cute! You need a whole post with pictures of them in their matching shirts I think. You know how much I love that! :-)


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