Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I don't have any real problems right now, for which I am thankful, but I do have some  #firstworldproblems that I wanted to share with you. Maybe you can relate to some of these.

It's a #firstworldproblem that I am a little OCD and my kids insist on doing this to markers:
It's a #firstworldproblem that I can't throw out flowers until they are way past their prime:
It's a #firstworldproblem that Dave gave me lovely calla lilies for our anniversary, but when they're on the table, we can't see each other. #soromantic
It's a #firstworldproblem that once I've hit my goal on my FitBit, I just want to lie on the couch for the rest of the day.

It's a #firstworldproblem that I bought a new tablecloth this weekend and have no upcoming excuse to use it. It's too special for everyday.
It's a #firstworldproblem that I love doing laundry, except when it comes to folding and putting it away and so I pile it on our bed. That way I'm motivated to do it so I can go to sleep.
It's a #firstworldproblem that I have all these books and "nothing to read."
It's a #firstworldproblem that these are the only two Share A Cokes we've found.
It's a #firstworldproblem that since we got our FitBits we've been taking many evening walks to get some steps in. The problem comes that most of these walks end up at an ice cream place or Tim Horton's which negates the benefits of our walking.
It's a #firstworldproblem that I ran out of blogging material and you were subjected to this post. I'm sorry.


  1. I love this post!!! And you made me laugh - because we are so alike on so many of these. Namely the Fitbit. I don't have one - but if I did, I'd hit the couch as soon as I got the goal. I KNOW I would!!

  2. HAHAHA, love this. Also, those markers would drive me INSANE. I got a twitch in my eye just looking at the photo.

  3. I totally put clean clothes on the bed too so I am forced to put them away instead of ignore them!! #twinfirstworldproblems

  4. This is so cute....I really laughed at the walking for ice cream... :)

  5. I'm thinking you should make FWP posts part of your regular rotation and encourage others to do the same... I'm feeling inspired ;)

  6. :D So true!! That tablecloth is gorgeous, though. Use it, girl!

  7. Hahahahaha those markers would make me insane!!!! Can you please post a picture of them with the correct tops on the correct markers so that the terrible picture can be erased from my mind?!?! I love this post!

  8. Yep, I too would be OCD about the markers. Haha! Erika would probably also arrange them in the correct ROYGBIV order too. ;-) I love calla lillies and that pretty tablecloth. I really want a blue decorated formal dining room some day and that tablecloth would be perfect for it.

  9. I'm most definitely never finding my name on a coke either!


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