Friday, July 03, 2015

Summer 2015: Week One

Inspired by my friend Tracy, every Friday I am going to blog about some of the random things which have happened during that week. That way I'll be able to remember even the little things about this summer.

So I don't know if I want to remember this or not, but the kids were fighting so much on the first morning of summer that I was already praying for September to get here quickly. Then I remembered one of my most popular pins and told the kids, in my most enthusiastic voice ever, that we were going to make a "Summer Schedule!!! Whoo hoo!!!"
And thus, this was born. The kids were super-excited for the rest of the day, running to see what was next on the schedule. The "activity with Mommy" was packing for their sleepover that night, and we never did have time for "screen time" that day.
During "outside time" we picked attempted to shake Saskatoon berries off our tree. We got a total of about fifteen but picking them up did keep the kids entertained enough for me to weed the strawberry patch!
Rachel got a bribe fudgesicle for doing so well for her first ever swimming lesson without a parent in the pool. After some initial resistance (read: screaming her head off), she did quite well.
The dumpster for our roofing project showed up and necessitated us using our front door, which we almost never do. It also meant that we kept leaving the back door accidentally unlocked when we left the house. Ooops.
Yesterday during craft time at the pool, Rachel made a very pink jellyfish. She gave it gold eyes and asked me to draw a bow for her hair, so all you Southern friends are having some influence :)
For teacher gifts at the end of the school year, we donated a school kit to a child for each of Sam's four teachers. We dropped them off yesterday and Sam got to help pack them into a box for shipping. (See here for more information about school kits.)
This is the beginning of (what I hope) is a very cool, very colourful science experiment. Tune in next week to see (if) how it turned out!

And that was some of our first week of summer.

Have a good weekend, and to my American readers, Happy Fourth Of July tomorrow!


  1. I'm so glad you're doing this too! It'll be a great way to look back over our summers. =) Yay for Rachel having a great swim lesson!

  2. I should really make some kind of schedule to avoid all the TV time that is currently happening this summer, but I am also telling myself that it's easier for you since you can actually go outside this time of year without melting... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it ;)

  3. Well, I would join in on this summer blog project, but I am so far behind as is, I will likely not be blogging about July until August. Sigh. Plus, Evan's summer is basically over since he is already back in school. I do love the little peeks into your summer days and have really missed my blog reading the last few weeks as I have tried to get caught up. However, I know you will be happy to hear that I am actually trying to do more actual book reading this summer. I am reading a couple of books by Kristin Hannah that are really touching and also hope to read Girl on a Train soon. :-)


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