Thursday, July 23, 2015

Week Five: Three Things I Like About My Personality

This week's writing challenge is "3 things you like about your personality" and, to be honest, I've been struggling with this post for a few days now. It would be way easier to get someone else to write this post, or to write "5 things I don't like about my personality." I think part of the problem is it's hard for me to say, "Here's how I'm awesome!" and, to me, this challenge feels like that's what I'm doing.

Okay, all that blathering aside, here goes... Three Things I Like About My Personality

1) I am giving. I like to give gifts to the people around me, especially gifts of my time. And if I can't give you the gift of my time, I will try and give you little things I think you'd like, just a small way of saying, "I'm thinking of you." I love cooking meals for friends in need, taking care of their kids, or running errands for people. I also like volunteering, especially at my church.

2) I am anal, obsessive detail oriented and organized (most of the time). I like taking care of the small things. I like having things in order. I like having a tidy house. I like knowing where things are. I remember important dates in the lives of my friends. I remember small details about them. Sadly, having kids has messed with this a little bit and I feel way more scattered and forgetful than I used to. I really hope that eventually, this part of me recovers a little more :) This is part of why I like(d) being a stay at home parent -- it allows me to take care of the little details around the house. I like noticing things and I like getting them done, or taking steps to ensure that they get done.

3) I like to have fun. I think this comes out most in my parenting of our kids. I love finding fun, unique activities to do with them. Whether it's something unusual in our neck of the woods, or a fun Pinterest find, I jump into these activities wholeheartedly. I also enjoy doing fun things with Dave or my friends, even if it's just laughing and enjoying life together.
Enjoying an evening of Starbucks and touring with Sam and Rachel.

Okay, so hopefully people who know me in real life think I've described myself pretty well. It would be way less intimidating to have someone else write this post for me.

And if you ever want a challenge, I encourage you to write a post like this for you. I'd love to read it!


  1. I do like and see all of these 3 things about you too! =)

  2. You have very lucky friends. I have a friend who is also a gifter and, as the recipient, there is so much I appreciate about that! :)

  3. I wish I was better about #1- I'm always really impressed with people that are thoughtful and generous, and you are both of those things!

  4. I can vouch that you are great at #1! And I can definitely relate to you on #2, but not so much on #3, because "having fun" is not my forte, ha ;)

  5. Oh man! That IS hard. Not sure I could do it! But I love yours :)

  6. Those are definitely three things I would say about you...and I now count as a "in real life" friend. I think we share a lot of the same things in common except that you are way more outgoing and less shy and introverted than I am. I am also not as good at the gift giving although I do like to give of my time and to pick out little gifts for people, but I stress too much about finding the perfect gift and whether it will be appreciated. Sigh.


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