Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer 2015: Week Three

Since the majority of the blogs I read are written by American bloggers, it is hard for me in June when you are all out of school and enjoying being on summer vacation and we're still counting down to the last days of school. However the June (first world problem, very mini) frustration I experience is rectified in July when we've just now finished our third week of summer and my blog friends are starting to lament the end of summer.

This week of summer has been full. We had our church's VBS (which someone decided to rename to "Vacation Bible Camp" to make it sound more fun. Whatever. I still call it VBS.) and I was leading Snack/Science for 41 kids, ages 3-6. The kitchen volunteers provided the snack and I did all the science. It was a little busy :)
One day at VBS we celebrated Christmas. Rachel came running into our room before 7 that morning shouting, "It's CHRISTMAS at VBS!!!" Sam was so tired, he even fell asleep with his Santa hat on!
In fact, the kids have been so tired they fell asleep on the walk home yesterday and that hasn't happened in ages, unless they're sick.
One night, Rachel didn't eat her supper all that well, so Sam and I had some Mommy-Son time. We walked to Tim Horton's and Sam got three Timbits. It was fun, and I'd love to intentionally spend one-on-one time with each kid more regularly.
Last week after the Friday lunch BBQ at the pool, Rachel was all about helping wash the dishes in the shower. She had a blast! I joked that I would haul our dirty dishes up to our shower if she wanted to wash them :)
I know the kids are really tired and needing space this week after full mornings at VBS. Rachel even made herself a cozy nest under a laundry basket!
My desk area sorely needed some attention. I think it looks much better now. At least my pile of things to deal with is all in one area, and more importantly, neatly stacked.
And after my FitBit post, where I posted about some of my awesome days, I thought I would post this reality check. This is what some of my days look like. None of my goals reached and I'm too tired to even care.

Oh, I also started my new job this week, but I have no pictures yet. Once my desk is mine, I will share a picture of it's awesome sweetness and you can all be jealous. Spoiler: it probably looks pretty similar to where many people who have desk jobs work. Ha!

And that was week three of our summer. I'm looking forward to a quieter weekend with very few plans. After a busy week of VBS and starting work, I'm really hoping to fit in a nap (or three), and ironically, maybe even a run.


  1. What a week! I love the picture of Rachel and Sam sleeping in their stroller. You know, there's not tired like VBS . I just always thought that they applied to the adults. The Christmas in July picture is so cute. Don't you just love it when they are so excited about going to church?

  2. It will also be VBS to me, too. Also, I wish our VBS growing up did Christmas; that would've been awesome!

  3. Congrats on starting the job! We are really working to do the one-on-one time as both girls seem to be thrilled to pieces about it, but it's hard to squeeze it in some weeks.

  4. Yay, you posted more pictures of them in their matching shirts! :-) And how cute is Sam sleeping in his Santa hat? I love to get one on one time with my kids which hasn't happened in ages. I need to remedy that very soon. I know Brody could use some alone time without Baby Mattox here because he has been acting a little "jealous." Sigh. And how in the world do kids always seem to love getting into the smallest spaces and acting like they are comfortable? Haha! And yes, my desk area has really been suffering too although I did just get quite a bit of stuff done this week. I just need to do some major filing away because that pile has been growing for months. :-(


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