Thursday, July 02, 2015

Happy Birthday Canada!

Yesterday was Canada Day. We celebrated by life continuing on pretty much as normal, except that Dave was around. And we all wore our Canada shirts. Sam helped Rachel with her workbook and then they played a game.
And the roofing company decided it was a good day to give us a new roof. Which meant it was loud at our house.

The kids still had swimming and tennis lessons, at least until it started raining. There was also some excitement at the pool with patriotic face painting and GIANT bubbles.
Sam was supposed to get his face painted too, but did I mention the rain? And you do remember our roof was being replaced in this? Fun times. (I did discover this morning that they must have been working on the part of the roof where Sam's socks are kept (because his drawers go into our roof) because when I went to get him some socks they were all soaked. Yuck.)

We got home and listened to the Blue Jays on the radio, because we are old school like that. Once the rain stopped and the roofers were done, we headed outside. We had a BBQ for supper with lots of greens from our CSA. And I got some yard work done. Whoo hoo!
See, I finally planted my snapdragons, which I had been keeping alive in their cell packs for six weeks. And I got some weeding done.

We also replaced a door weather stripping piece which was falling to pieces. This involved borrowing a hacksaw and numerous re-sawing moments. I felt very handy when it was done.
Late in the evening (like at 10pm, which is too late for our kids) we went and saw fireworks. Unfortunately the trees have grown since last year, and the fireworks were in a slightly different spot, so we mostly saw trees, unless we craned our necks. Also Rachel got bored and fell asleep and Sam thought they were too loud. Maybe we'll skip fireworks next year... Or sit in a different spot :)
Most of the fireworks we saw looked like this, only a little less blurry!

And that was how we celebrated our country's birthday. Happy 148th Birthday Canada!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday, neighbors! :-) I love the Canada shirts and the face painting and just how you celebrated with lots of "ordinary" fun. I love the big bubbles picture. And I am so jealous of your garden although not of all the work it takes to care for it. Ha! I guess I will be content with a more modest yard that doesn't take a lot of work for now. Watering my two outdoor flower pots is enough work for me. Haha!


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