Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer 2015: Week Four

It's funny that I post these on a Friday because then you always see the last of what we were doing the previous week. So week four of summer kicked off with the last day of VBS. I made a colourful musical water xylophone for the kids to play with. Then I spent the afternoon at my second (half) day of work.
On Monday the kids had doctor's appointments in the morning and then Sam and Rachel spent about an hour and a half working together on Rachel's workbook. The money we spent on these workbooks was the best money for entertainment value EVER.
The kids also decided to wrap some presents on Monday so we had a little present opening after supper. My "present" was my old sunglasses which I had given the kids to play with. Very useful :)
Tuesday was my first full day of work. I took two travel mugs of coffee-hot chocolate, my water bottle, and a can of Coke to get me through the first day. I was well caffeinated hydrate.

As we were eating supper outside on Tuesday night, a butterfly decided to check out Sam's hat.
Also, after my post on Tuesday, Dave took the following picture just for those of you who were really bothered by the markers. Truthfully, a part of me is still annoyed by the fact that they aren't in ROY G BIV order:
Of course, before you get too comfortable, Sam did then do this to about seven puzzles on Wednesday night:
I got into eating nasturtiums on my salad this week. They are so yummy, and surprising spicy! Think radishes but much prettier.
Sam and Rachel spent some time at other people's houses this week and I think they just enjoyed a lot of time playing together when they were at home. Here they had some game going with pretending Rachel's ponies were on a boat. And yes, Rachel often wears her fairy wings "just because."
When I was at Central Perk in October, they had a deal that if you bought two bags of coffee, they would send you a free Friends mug. Somehow their shipping got really delayed and so they sent me two. Because we had it shipped to Dave's aunt's in New York, we had to wait until someone was making a trip from there. On Wednesday, Dave's parents dropped them off, so I made up this tableau yesterday of my new mug, my weekly flowers, and some of the ingredients for South Georgia Caviar.
My plan of attack for the yard this week was our front. I guess our flower beds need weeding more than once a season. Boo. And supposedly lawn mowing is an ongoing task too. 

And that was week four of our summer. Tonight our friends' two sons are coming for a sleepover and to spend the day tomorrow so it will be a little crazy around here. What are your weekend plans?


  1. I love that Rachel always has to wear her fairy wings. Karsyn always has to have her purse when we got somewhere. lol. It's sounding like the transition of going back to work is going good. Are you enjoying it?

  2. Um yes, colors must ALWAYS go in rainbow order. ALWAYS.

  3. I love the pictures of the butterfly on Sam's hat. So cool! And I laughed at the markers pictures since I just posted about wanting them in Roy G Biv order too. :-)

  4. And yay for me for being all caught up on your blog again! :-)

  5. Love the Friends mug!

    C has really been into giving me "presents" lately--all kinds of stuff. They are too funny. :)

  6. Maybe the butterfly on the hat will bring good luck! :)


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