Wednesday, April 01, 2015

We're A Quarter Of The Way Through 2015

So how did my resolutions do in March? And sorry in advance for the picture-less post. An update and pictures today was just not happening :)

Books I read:

Cry Mercy -- Mariah Stewart
Coming Home -- Mariah Stewart
Forgiven -- Karen Kingsbury
Found -- Karen Kingsbury
Family -- Karen Kingsbury
Rejoice -- Karen Kingsbury
The Program -- Suzanne Young
Bridge To Haven -- Francine Rivers
Me Before You -- Jojo Moyes
(I read this entire book last night. I started it as I was waiting for Sam to fall asleep and just kept going. I need some time to process it, but there will be a book review coming on this one.)

Um, I might have read Erika's blog post about her book club and taken some reading suggestions from there. Sadly, I didn't get as much reading done on our Southern Road Trip as I did in Mexico.

And I wrote a review of A Discovery Of Witches by Deborah Harkness, even though I finished that book in February.

New recipes I cooked:

Cheesy Potato and Broccoli Soup -- When my blog friend, Amanda, wrote about this soup, I knew I wanted to try it out. It was really good and it is already on our meal plan for April. Yum!

What day am I at with Bible reading?

I didn't open my Bible at all in March. I am embarrassed to admit that and I really hope that, with some stability in April, I will be able to catch up a little bit on Bible reading. I am still sitting at February 4 so I have a lot of reading to do.

How many days did I drink enough water?

I don't even know. I do know that with being on vacation I was all about the treat drinks (Sonic Cream Slushes! Sweet Tea! Cafe Mochas!) and not so much about the water. Again, I am hoping that with some stability in April, I will be able to be more consistent with this goal.

What percentage of Sam's lunches were made at night?

I'm happy to report that 100% of Sam's lunches were made at night. And thanks to our Southern Road Trip we only had to make lunches nine days this month! April, with a full month of making lunches, is going to be a shock to us!

Where are we at in Canada?

We didn't learn about any new provinces this month. However, in a special edition of "Traversing Canada Tuesdays Thursdays," Manitoba is coming up tomorrow.


I ran on the beach beside the ocean at sunrise on Hilton Head and through downtown Greenville, SC. Running at the track this month will be so boring. But hopefully, now that it's warming up a little and the snow is melting, I'll be able to do some running through our neighbourhood.

House cleaning:

I completely failed at cleaning anything the eleven days I was home between travels. However, yesterday I got four rooms cleaned and tomorrow I'm hoping to knock off a few more.

Bun baking:

I baked buns yesterday. Sam wanted me to bake them for his birthday, but I wasn't quite that organized. I also received my first bun baking injury as I managed to touch the side of the last pan as I was pulling it out of the oven. So now I have the blister to prove I baked yesterday. Ow :(

So one thing I've discovered these past couple of months is that being out of my routine really puts a dent in my resolutions. I am looking forward to using April, WHERE I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE, to get back on track. So I'll check in again at the beginning of May and see how it's going. And if you want to send me an e-mail once in awhile asking where I'm at with Bible reading, or how much water I've had to drink, I could probably use it :)


  1. With all your travels, good job! And I miss running. :)

  2. It sounds like March was a busy month for you! I can't imagine getting much done in between travels, it takes me several days to undo from a trip, let alone prepping for the next one.

  3. Hahaha you are basically an honorary member of our book club now!! You've done most of the required reading! I'm still pretty impressed with how you accomplished so many things while traveling so much!

  4. What a busy, busy month!!! I can't believe how quickly this year is going by either!

  5. I think your travels are a good excuse for you being negligent to your resolutions :)

  6. Okay, seriously, how did you accomplish so much while traveling most of the month. I need your level of energy! And I am sorry our unhealthy southern beverages kept you from reaching your water drinking goal. Haha! Now you know why I can never seem to drink enough water, right? I am really trying harder right now since it is still so important for me to stay more hydrated.


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