Tuesday, April 28, 2015


As in I have officially resigned from my preschool board position, effective immediately. (Well, where "immediately" means almost two weeks ago.) And Rachel will be done at the end of May.

It was a very hard decision to make. I struggled with it all year, as you may have guessed. The stress around this incredibly unusual year at the school was extremely intense and I had to finally decide to let it go.

I hate the fact that I didn't fulfill my commitment (which was supposed to go until the end of June) although I did fill all the commitments of my particular position, if that makes any sense.

About an hour after I sent my resignation letter, I finally had a chance to read this blog post from Beth Moore which had been sitting open in my browser all week. And I realized that my opportunities at the preschool are dead, and have been for awhile. It was time to let go of that era of our lives and focus on the new things which are growing. I feel like I've cleared the dead wood away and now new things can grow. However, I need to sit dormant for awhile before I have the energy to allow new growth. I'm both excited and nervous about where this new stage will take me.

I have felt so much freer these past few weeks. There has still be stress around the preschool but I am no longer responsible for it. My e-mail inbox has been blessedly quiet and I am just so peaceful. I feel like I am being a better parent and a better spouse because I can focus on my family again.

But for now, I am resigned to the fact that an era, which started almost exactly three years ago with our first visit to the preschool in May 2012, is almost over. It ended differently than I had hoped, but ended it has.


  1. I'm proud of you- I know that must have been a difficult decision to make, but I think it was the right one. Especially if you're already seeing the fruit of being a better parent and spouse...it was time.

  2. Good for you! Here's to starting a new chapter :)

  3. What a relief!
    I volunteered for our old church for the parents morning out. I was so bitter by the time i stopoed that I jokingly told my family, "you're only as good as the last day you've volunteered."
    So glad this will free up your schedule.

  4. Those decisions are tough! Here's hoping the next chapter will be a bright one.

  5. Congratulations on making a decision that I know was tough but will have so many positive benefits...including being more free to enjoy your Spring and Summer before your baby goes to Kindergarten. I know this whole year has been really stressful for you.


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