Friday, April 10, 2015

Space Junk, Flying Through The Trees, And A Birthday

After we had checked out the alligators, snakes, and lizards, we continued walking around the grounds of the Coastal Discovery Museum. I was so intrigued by the Spanish Moss and between our time in Savannah and our time here, I saw a lot of it. I also enjoyed the azalea garden. (And I know all my readers just fainted in shock!)
The museum also had a piece of "space junk," as they called it, on their grounds. Supposedly it is a part of a rocket which is supposed to detach and it washed ashore in Hilton Head. They contacted NASA but NASA didn't want it back. So now you can go and check it out.
After our afternoon at the museum, Sam and Rachel went to hang out with Willem and Tessa, while Tim, Janice, Dave, and I went out for dinner to celebrate Janice's birthday. We had such a good time.
We started out with an appetizer of fried green tomatoes and I had crab stuffed flounder for my main course.
And our server even put a candle in the Bananas Foster (which they didn't light on fire at our table -- boo) to help us celebrate even more.
On Friday morning, Dave and I gave Willem and Tessa their birthday presents -- an "ariel adventure" through the trees of Hilton Head. It was really fun, and slightly nerve wracking.
We wore harnesses and were attached to cables but we had to depend on our balance, strength, and agility to make it across the courses. None of us fell, unless we were supposed to, but it was tricky.
Willem, Dave, and I stuck to the easy and intermediate courses but Tessa braved a black course and rocked it!
Sam and Rachel hung out on an alligator while we adventured!
And speaking of alligators, there is a famous picture of Charles Fraser, who was instrumental in the preservation of Hilton Head, walking with an alligator. And then that picture was turned into a statue. And then Sam got to walk with an alligator and Charles Fraser.
And then sadly, our week on Hilton Head was over. We left Saturday morning for our next adventures, turning blog friends into real life friends.

Happy Weekend everyone!

*You can read about the Days 10 and 11 here.


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