Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Like A Band Of Marauding Pirates

So after a bit of a break, I am back to blogging about our Southern Road Trip. Although I did blog about two visits I had with blog friends, I am now taking you back to mid-March when we were still spending our week at Hilton Head. This was the day we headed into Savannah for the day.
We met Tim and Janice and family at The Pirates House, which according to its website, is one of the most historic spots in Georgia. We were fortunate enough to eat our lunch in what is thought to be the the oldest residential house in Georgia. (Go here to read more of its interesting history.)
We all had really great food and Dave even enjoyed an alligator tail po' boy. He was gracious enough to let all of us have a small taste of alligator tail. Like all odd meat, the consensus was that it tasted like chicken!
The kids enjoyed sticking their heads through the window, which may have been the oldest window in the state of Georgia, and was therefore missing some panes of glass!
After our lunch, Dave was taken hostage by a roving pirate and we had to pay a ransom to get him back. Then the pirate apologized by giving us a tour of The Pirates House, which was quite interesting.

I thought these dishes, in the room of the house where we ate, were beautiful.

Robert Louis Stevenson set some scenes from his book, Treasure Island, in The Pirates House, including the death of Captain Flint. Here the kids posed with the pirate in front of a map from an early edition of the book.
After lunch, we had tickets for a trolley ride through old town Savannah. Unfortunately I don't remember a lot of what I learned except that Savannah was based around 24 city squares, 22 of which still exist. I think we may have seen all 22 of them! It was a cool day but many trees were in bloom and it was a gorgeous taste of spring!
This is the bridge leading from Georgia back into South Carolina.
To continue our piratey ways, after supper we headed off to Pirate's Island mini golf where we enjoyed a rousing game, learning some pirate lore along the way.
And then it was off to bed because the next day we had more adventures in store.

*You can read about part of Day 8 here.


  1. I have never been to Savannah, though I hear it is so lovely and I think I'd really enjoy visiting!! :) Ryan LOVES a po' boy!! {And this is really Bekah. My computer is ill, so I'm using his.}

  2. I have always wanted to visit Savannah!

  3. I need to put The Pirate House on our list of must visit places because my pirate loving boys would love it. And pirate mini golf is always our favorite. That will be a must on our next meeting for our disappointed boys. :-)


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