Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Doing Life With Amy

Amy lives in South Carolina and her kids are almost the exact same age as Sam and Rachel. Amy and I often joke that we are living the exact same lives. If I spend a day doing errands, then Amy has too. If she's spent the day ferrying her kids to appointments, well, so have I. So I was really excited to "do life together" if only for a day.
This is the only picture I got of all four kids together and it was the night we arrived. Rachel just adored Kate and Sam and Lincoln enjoyed being crazy together!
The next day we spent the whole day together. First of all the kids (minus Kate, who was in school), got a bike lesson. Thank you Vicki from Chicago for being so patient. And yes, the kids were all dressed in the same colours. And no, it wasn't intentional. See what I mean -- same lives!!!
Then we went for brunch and then for a walk along the river. The plan was to tire the kids out so that they would go to sleep nicely, since the previous night Sam and Rachel had been up until 10:30. Yikes.
It was a gorgeous day and we really enjoyed just hanging out and letting the kids run wild.
It was even warm enough that the kids could dip their feet in the river.
After the park I got to experience "car line" as we picked up Kate from school. "Car line" is a line up of cars at the school and they send your child out to you and you never have to leave your car. It's so different from walking to get Sam from school. It would be so awesome when it's raining or in winter here, although I love getting to walk Sam to school when the weather is awesome.
After school, the kids played, Kate did Rachel's hair, Sam and Lincoln were crazy together, and Kate and Sam whispered secrets to each other. And Amy and I sat in her backyard and talked and talked and talked. It was awesome!

We really enjoyed our day and hopefully we'll get to do it again sometime. Maybe next time in Canada. But not in the winter!

And I'm sorry for the bad/lack of photos. Dave took the DSLR to the Biltmore (which he will blog about next week) and I only had the iPad. And check out Amy's post about our day together here.

*You can read about Days 14 through 16 here. You can read about Dave's Day 13 here.  


  1. Oh fun!! I love that yall are basically twins...separated by just a thousand miles or so!!

  2. Greenville looks like a beautiful place. I know it is fairly close to Charlotte, but I have never been there. Haha! I am surprised you didn't share pictures of that place you stayed because Amy's pictures make it look adorable. :-)

  3. How much fun! I love Rachel in her big bow. =)


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