Thursday, April 23, 2015

Swamp Rabbit Inn

I promise that this is absolutely the last post about our Southern Road Trip. Thanks for reading along. Also, if you want to read Erika's, Kelly's, Amy's, or Sherry's two posts about our visits with them, from their perspectives, then check them out. And I won't be posting tomorrow but come back on Saturday because I will be (over) posting about my Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon experience. I can't wait!

When I wrote my post about our visit with Amy, one of my commenters wondered why I hadn't shared more photos of the place where we stayed. I didn't share more photos then because I was already planning on writing this! I thought the inn deserved its own post, and here it is :)
While we were in Greenville, SC, we stayed at the Swamp Rabbit Inn. Amy had suggested it as a place to stay and, from what we saw online, it looked like a good place to call home for a few nights.
When we arrived, we just walked in and made ourselves at home. I had thought it was a bed and breakfast and was looking for a host, but really it's like the best of both worlds between a B&B and a hotel. Since the owner doesn't stay there, it's a "make yourself at home" kind of place, with everything you need provided. I started calling it a "DIY B&B."
One thing I don't always like about B&B's is that you need to sit and make small talk with the owners, who are graciously allowing you to stay in their home and serving you wonderful food but sometimes, I just don't feel like talking at breakfast. Here, I could pop into the kitchen and make myself a cup of coffee-hot chocolate at whatever time I wanted to. I didn't have to worry if I wasn't "on time" for breakfast.
A couple of the walls in the main hall and kitchen area were chalkboards and guests are encouraged to write on them. Sam and Rachel sure did. In the left picture you can even see where Rachel wrote "Sam" as well :)
Our room was the Double Owl room and it was nice and roomy and so cute looking. Of course, I forgot to get a picture before our stuff exploded all over the room, but you can see pictures on the website.

Wendy, the owner, showed up almost every day and was full of helpful knowledge about the surrounding area. She told Dave and I about a good running route, starting a block from the inn, and both Dave and I enjoyed a morning run on our last day there. The inn also seemed pretty central to downtown, although since we were visiting Amy, we didn't really explore much around the area.

My only regret is that we didn't get to stay longer. I would have loved to spend an afternoon on the cozy porches reading.
And I'm also sad it was raining on our last morning there so I didn't get really great pictures of the outside. See Amy's post about our visit for more great pictures of the Swamp Rabbit. And if you ever have an excuse to overnight in Greenville, SC, make sure you check this place out. Sam already has a room picked out for our next stay here :)

I wasn't given anything to write this post, I just wanted to write a bit more about a really fun place we discovered on our trip. Except for staying with Matt and Erika, this was definitely our favourite place we stayed at.


  1. This place looks super fun!! And much nicer than my house, I'm questioning your taste. ;) But I agree that the most awkward part of a B&B is making small talk with the owners. So weird. Unless it was Lorelei's inn, that would be fine... ;)

  2. That looks like such a fun place to stay. I love that you all were able to take this trip. I've really enjoyed reading every post.

  3. Whoo hoo!! Glad it was a success! I drove by another B&B on my way home from work today (this seems to be my primary means of finding these places- haha!) and it looked MUCH more stuffy ( it shall remain nameless...not that I remember it) so I am happy I found the Swamp Rabbit first for you!

  4. Glad to see you did a special post on this fabulous place. If I ever visit Greenville, I will have to remember to stay there. Especially if it is kid friendly! :-)


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