Thursday, January 22, 2015

Week In The Life -- Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesday!
7:05 am -- I had finished my daily Bible reading.
7:24 am -- Breakfast oatmeal and smoothies were well underway.
7:40 am -- Sam and Rachel were sitting and eating breakfast, more or less :)
8:03 am -- The kids decided they needed tea too.
10:00 am -- Every other Wednesday morning I go to comforter knotting at my church with Rachel. Yesterday Dave took Sam to school so I could be there right at 9. The comforters go to displaced people all over the world through Mennonite Central Committee, an organization of our national church body.
10:13 am -- Rachel was ready for her dance class. I sit and read a newspaper while she has her class.
12:27 pm -- I had another long phone call with the president of the preschool board. Rachel ate lunch and watched Franklin while I talked. Then I quickly downed some leftover pasta for my lunch.
1:00 pm -- I dropped Rachel off at preschool for the afternoon.
1:15 pm -- Dealing with all the dirty dishes was first on my agenda.
1:54 pm -- Then I started making supper.
2:15 pm -- Supper, Corn Chowder, was mostly made, and I left to deliver flyers. I have 45 houses I need to deliver to, twice a week.
3:17 pm -- I was in the car, with my bottle of water, ready for my hour and a half of picking people up. First I got Rachel at preschool, then Sam at the friends' house who walk him on preschool days, and then Dave at work.
4:48 pm -- Rachel and Dave were price matching at Wal-Mart while Sam played iPad and waited to get some immunizations.
5:17 pm -- Sam was mostly recovered after the trauma of his shots. I'm not sure I can say the same for me :(
6:22 pm -- We were all so hungry for supper I forgot to get a "during" picture. Here is the after shot though :)
6:47 pm -- Sam and Rachel were appreciating the flashlight as our power went out. Thankfully, it was only out for about fifteen minutes. Phew.
7:02 pm -- I attempted to get Rachel down for sleep before I had to leave for a meeting. I almost succeeded.
8:03 pm -- I was ready for my meeting.
9:54 pm -- Dave and Donny asked me to pick up some McDonald's for them on my way home.
10:41 pm -- The flyers for the next day are sorted. I don't have to collate them but, when there is more than one package, I like to bundle them that way.
10:47 pm -- Since I didn't get McDonald's, I had a snack while I wrote this blog post.

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  1. Whew, your crazy days make me tired! And I love your owl mug! ;-)


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