Monday, January 05, 2015

Checking In With 2014

So before I post my resolutions for 2015, I wanted to look back on my 2014 resolutions to see how I did.

1) I want to do a Project 365 364 this year.

While I did miss a day here and there, I mostly kept up with this. I think I will miss it this coming year, but I am also looking forward to a break. If you want to check out those posts you can see them all here.

2) I want to read through my entire Bible in one year.

Unfortunately, I failed miserably at this.

3) I want to read through my devotional every day.

I also did not do this well.

4) I want to read more books.

I was really happy with the variety of books I read this past year. Thanks to recommendations from a few blogs I read regularly, I had a really good influx of new book suggestions.

5) I'm going to go to the gym 2-3 times a week. If I'm not doing this by the end of February, I'm giving up my gym membership.

As you may remember, I cancelled my gym membership in January. Since then I've been biking a bit more and have taken up running. Both of these things are free and I really enjoy doing them. Especially the running. Especially once I've finished! Ha ha ha :)

6) I'm going to invite people over for supper more.

I didn't do a good job of this. However (here come the excuses), I realize that we are better at hosting larger gatherings rather than one family just for supper. I will continue to embrace my party hosting self since she seems to love it so much!

7) I want to be more patient with my kids.

I don't know how well I did at this. I suspect this will be a continuing challenge.

8) I want our family to have more fun.

I feel like we figured this one out really well. From spending a snowy Saturday crafting to checking out various local events to going to the aquarium in Toronto to just enjoying summer evenings at home, I feel like we had a lot of fun as a family this past year. I am sooooo looking forward to more fun family moments in 2015.

Did you make resolutions for 2014? How do you feel you did at keeping them? Do you have any good suggestions for my 2015 resolutions?


  1. I think you 2015 resolution should be to visit your friend in Georgia... ;)

  2. You always have the most ambitious list of goals/resolutions so I am impressed that you accomplish so much of it. I really have enjoyed watching you accomplish so many of these like your photo project and all the fun your family enjoyed this year. The fun goal is just always one of my main ongoing resolutions, and I figure I can accomplish that kind of resolution far more easily. I do need to do better with my Bible reading and devotions.


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