Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week In The Life -- Monday

At the beginning of December I tried to document a whole week in my life. Sadly, I got sick and had to abandon ship partway through. I said I would come back to it in January so for the next few days I will be blogging my daily life. As a stay at home parent, my days sometimes vary a lot and sometimes not very much at all. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my life these days.

7:50 am -- I slept in a bit this morning but Sam and Rachel's breakfasts, including smoothies for all of us, were made in good time!
7:55 am -- I took a picture of Sam while he was eating breakfast. He told me he was too tired to smile. Normally Rachel is awake by this point but she slept in this morning.
8:13 am -- I had Sam's lunch packed up, I was dressed, and Sam was getting there.
8:35 am -- Sam and I were ready to head out the door for school. Rachel was awake and hanging out with Dave at this point. Normally Rachel would be heading out with us but Dave didn't have an early meeting today so she got a break.
9:05 am -- I was back and dealing with Rachel's insane yogurt spill. She explained, "It just squirted out of my hand, Mommy." Okay, then.
9:20 am -- I try to do a load of laundry overnight so it can go in the dryer first thing in the morning. Today was a laundry day so another load went in the washer.
9:35 am -- I was doing dishes with my helper, who mostly "helps" by throwing dishes into the sink while I'm trying to wash them.
9:55 am -- I can't eat breakfast first thing in the morning, so after I finished dishes I took a breakfast eating and blog reading break.
10:35 am -- By this time I had scheduled my week. I normally try to do this on Sundays but I was just too busy and tired this past Sunday. I renewed library books and set my daily and weekly tasks for the week.
10:50 am -- I had finished off one bottle of water and could enjoy some tea. One of my New Year's resolutions is to drink more water so I make myself drink an entire (750ml/25oz) bottle before I get another beverage. I folded four loads of laundry while Rachel read. Note her "preferred reading position." Ouch.
11:30 am -- Rachel was playing iPad in the laundry basket (her choice) while I put the folded laundry away.
11:50 am -- There was one last basket of laundry to fold, Rachel to be fed, and a few random things to be done before Rachel could go to preschool for 1pm.
1:15 pm -- I was getting ready to run. Even though you can't tell in this picture, the track was really crowded with rude people who veered all over the place so I didn't enjoy my run very much. Nor did I run as long as I was planning to because I was too annoyed. This teaches me to sleep in and not run in the morning :)
2:30 pm -- After showering (sorry, no pictures of that!), it was time to eat a salad for lunch and catch up on some newspaper reading.
3:25 pm -- I went to the library by myself before picking Rachel up from preschool.
4:00 pm -- Rachel often suffers from "MLISH syndrome" (My Life Is So Hard, phrase coined by Allison) after preschool. Here she was melting down because I wouldn't let her start the car. I'm such a mean mommy!
4:17 pm -- Everyone was home and occupied and I started making supper. We had Mexican Lasagne tonight.
5:05 pm -- Supper was in the oven and Sam's lunch dishes were washed. We've started making his lunches at night to cut down on the morning chaos but this means his dishes have to be washed before supper.
5:10 pm -- Since I've started drinking more water I don't drink Coke as often but it was a huge treat to sit down with a Coke and a newspaper while supper baked and the kids watched a video.
5:45 pm -- I decided to start my quarterly organization of "my drawer of stuff."
6:15 pm -- Dave and I enjoyed supper. Both kids enjoyed time outs for fake burping during supper. It was pleasant.
6:45 pm -- My drawer is organized again! Yay! It will be so much easier to find things like receipts for things we've bought, tax information, and donation receipts.
7:10 pm -- After giving both kids fast showers (I wash them, Dave dries them off and changes them), it was my turn to put Rachel to bed.
7:50 pm -- Rachel was asleep and so I started cleaning the living room. While the floor dried I wrote this post, which took about an hour. (I have to resize all the pictures which takes forever.) I put everything back and went to bed because I was exhausted. It was barely 9:00pm but some nights are like that :)


  1. 1. Glad to know MLISH syndrome is prevalent in other households besides ours!
    2. Random but your Target receipt in the drawer pic reminded me that I read all Canada Target stores are going to close - is that true??

  2. What a productive day!! I'm trying to decide if running on an indoor track is better, worse, or no different than running on a treadmill. I'm leaning towards slightly worse, because there is still no interesting scenery (like there could be outside), but you also have to watch out for other people AND you can't have a personal television to distract you. I am still intrigued by the idea, though. And Mexican lasagna sounds delicious.

  3. Oh my goodness, I am so glad I read this post so I could diagnose Brody...he totally suffers from MLISH syndrome. ;-) As usual, he and Rachel seem to lead very similar lives....like the crazy yogurt accident, the "helping" in the kitchen standing on their little chairs, the chilling in the laundry basket, and the meltdown in the car. Oh to be 3! :-)


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