Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Christmas Cards, 2014

So a few weeks ago, Erika did a Christmas Card roundup about the cards she received this season. I realize we are well into 2015 (how did THAT happen?!?!), but since we received some cards this week, I don't feel like this is too out of context.

You all got a chance to see our two cards which we sent out in this post so I will just focus on the ones we received this year.
Our non photo cards sit on the windowsill in our office.
See, it's useful having a window indoors!

Total number of cards/letters we received this year: 32 (as of January 5)
Number of those cards which were from our kids: 3
Number of cards which were not photo cards: 18
Number of cards where people dressed up in reindeer onesies: 1
Number of Christmas letters we received by e-mail: 2
Number of cards we received from other countries: 5
Number of people who accidentally sent us two cards: 1
     This was actually really handy because their card had a front and a back!
Number of cards from blog friends Dave doesn't know: 3
Number of cards with pictures from Jennie Wiebe Photography: 2 (not including ours!)
Number of letters we received with a family picture I had taken: 1 (!) 
Number of owl magnets I am borrowing from Rachel to display all our (photo) cards on the fridge: 3
Our Christmas cards hanging on our fridge.
Note: All the pictures of Sam, Willem, and Tessa are magnets which is super handy.
(Not included in the count: a photo of Dave's extended family in Israel, two birth announcements, and a picture of friends of ours who moved to Kenya.)

I love sending and receiving Christmas cards. I love seeing our friends on our fridge all year round. The kids and I look at these cards on a daily basis. I love how Rachel randomly points people out and talks about them. I just plain love Christmas cards. And if you still want to send us one, go ahead! I can always borrow more fridge magnets from Rachel :) Or, you know, I could go out and buy my own!


  1. Whoo-hoo!! Mine arrived safely!!! :)

  2. Glad to see Millie is doubling up on the fridge!!! :)

  3. I usually do something cute with ours, but this year I just gave them to the kids to color!

  4. Awe, I love that you display your Christmas cards all year to enjoy. I think I may find a spot to do this when we get moved. I really want to do some major rearranging and organizing...sometime after Baby Mattox is born of course. ;-)


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