Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Practically Perfect In Every Way

This past Saturday was a really good day. Throughout the day I took pictures of the things which made me happy, so you can see what constitutes a practically perfect Saturday in my books.
My Old Testament biblical scholar cracks me up! He finished this before breakfast so I was asking him what he was reading about. "After the escape from Egypt, there's a lot of wars. And I don't always know if it's Jerusalem or Israel who is fighting. And they always seem like they're going to lose, but they don't." I think it's actually a pretty good summary of the Old Testament. (Also, this is about his third or fourth time through The Brick Bible.)
Drinking coffee hot chocolate in my favourite mug is a must!
After the craziness of last week, I really appreciate that Dave took the kids to Tot Shabbat and I could stay home and get four whole rooms cleaned. It felt so good!
Each member of our family has their own favourite soap. After so many years of being single, and hoping, wishing, and praying for a family, it is a little ridiculous how happy this picture of all our soaps on a clean sink makes me :)
Sam went to a birthday party that was pretty much in the middle of nowhere but only ten minutes away from a tea room Janice has been telling me about for ages. Two whole scones with jam and cream and tea with Janice makes me pretty happy too!
And then we window shopped and I bought myself this fun necklace with some Christmas money.
Janice and I were talking about how we organize our lives and so we made an impromptu stop at Target to buy her a day planner! I heart organizing! I heart Target! I heart Janice and Sam! (And I can't even talk about how sad I am that Target in Canada is closing up shop. Dave even tried to cheer me up by saying we could go shopping at Target in The States some weekend, so you know how desperate the situation is.)
While Sam was at his birthday party, and Janice and I were having tea, Dave and Rachel assembled this shelf (also from Target) for Rachel's room. It replaced the change table. Rachel's room is looking more and more like a big girl room every day. I am thrilled that the shelf is assembled and I am even more thrilled that I didn't have to do it!!!
After a very busy week, I was so happy to have some time to catch up on my blog reading and commenting. You probably all noticed that :)
Sam and I are currently reading "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory." We are both loving it!
And a practically perfect Saturday ends with eating nachos, watching Friends, and cuddling on the futon with Dave.

What does a perfect Saturday look like for you?


  1. That does sound like a pretty great Saturday - but I'm sad for your sake that the rumors about Target closing are true! :(

  2. I LOVE that you each have your own soap! That's so great! My new favorite soap is Mrs. Meyer's Lavender soap. It smells sooo good! Also, isn't it such a good (but kind of weird) feeling to be alone in your house? It's amazing what can get done in a short amount of time!

  3. Aww I love those four soaps!! SO fun!! Who picks the boring Dial, though?? And SO sad that Targets are all closing- what's the point in living?

  4. I seriously love that you all have your own soap :)

    1. It's a little insane but I don't like sharing mine with the kids and it actually encourages Sam to wash his hands more!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day! I am so excited to be getting caught up on all of my favorite blogs.

  6. Wow, Sam is definitely a Biblical scholar! What a great summary! :-) And I love getting the house to myself to clean...something I don't really get much these days. I can really knock out a lot of cleaning when I am by myself so I appreciate the perfectness of this one. And awww, the soap picture and sentiment really got me too. What a wonderful way to remember your blessings! Can I please come have tea with you and Janice? Yum, scones! So are you sure Janice doesn't want to swing through Raleigh with you guys on your trip home? We could have some fun girl time! And that necklace is awesome...I love the fun colors! Ugh and what is up with Canadian Targets closing. I just think there was some major poor business planning going on with that whole deal. Like opening too many stores all at once before you had the proper distribution setup to keep all of the stores well stocked and functioning. Sigh. I love that picture of you and Sam reading together. Good times!

  7. I love how Sam's enjoying his brick bible so much! Especially remember that he wasn't a huge fan of it when he received it. I guess it's definitely grown on him.


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