Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Week In The Life -- Tuesday

6:30 am -- Tuesday started with my morning Bible reading. I either try to do it in the morning or at night. However, I don't always manage to fit it in.
7:15 am -- I made breakfast and then Rachel woke up. She wanted me to take a morning selfie of us cuddling. She wanted me to take a video too, but it was so awesome, I'm saving it for the Academy Awards! Ha ha ha!
7:25 am -- Before she could sit down and eat breakfast, Rachel also wanted me to take pictures of her doing "1000 jumps in one minute Mommy! I'm so fast!!!"
7: 30 am -- Rachel was sitting at the table for breakfast and I woke up Sam. I also made beds and picked out the kids' clothes for the day. Then I ate my own breakfast and drank a cup of tea since I thought I needed to head out of the house for the morning by 8:30. A phone call at 8:15 saying the person I was supposed to meet with was sick changed my morning plans.
8:25 am -- Both kids were getting dressed in our room.
8:40 am -- We were all ready to head out the door to get Sam to school. I ended up talking with one of the other moms for about twenty minutes after the kids went inside so we didn't get home until 9:30.
9:30 am -- Rachel wanted hot chocolate so I made that and then did dishes. Because she was distracted by her hot chocolate I didn't have any "help" this morning!
10:00 am -- I had poured my second cup of tea but didn't have time to drink it since Rachel and I had to leave.
10:25 am -- We are, yet again, hiring another teacher at the preschool so Rachel and I went to do some in-class observations. We got home around 12:15.
12:15-2:15 pm -- I was talking to the president of the preschool board and getting Rachel lunch. She fell off her chair, cut her lip, cried, and fell asleep while I was holding her. After my phone call was done (it was a long one (which I interrupted in the middle to deal with Rachel)), I heated my tea from this morning.
2:31 pm -- I made, and ate lunch, answered some e-mails, and read a couple of blog posts.
3:07 pm -- Rachel and I headed out the door to pick Sam up from school. When we got home, around 3:40, I spread sand on our icy sidewalk and driveway so hopefully people won't wipe out. Fun times.
3:57 pm -- Time to make supper. I made regular lasagna! And the kids, who were super-tired, watched a video.
4:30 pm -- It was dish doing time again, including the ones from Sam's lunch. This is also a "Week In The Life Of Someone Who Doesn't Have A Dishwasher."
5:05 pm -- I took some time to do some blogging, and started writing this post.
6:00 pm -- Suppertime. This meal went much better tonight and both kids ate fairly well.
6:55 pm -- After supper was over I played a few mindless games on the iPad while Sam played a game on our computer. Dave downloaded some DOS games from when he was a kid and Sam likes to play them once in a while. Then I read about seven (short) chapters to Sam from "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory." I started reading chapter books out loud to Sam in the summer, and this is the sixth one we're on now.
9:05 pm -- After I was done reading to Sam, I headed out to my ballet class. It's for an hour, from 8 until 9, on Tuesday nights and I'm always exhausted by the end of it.
9:35 pm -- I chatted with Dave, put on my pjs, finished this blog post, and headed off to bed. I try to have some reading time in bed and fall asleep by around 11. I'm not always successful at this but if I get up at 6:00 am, I'm usually pretty tired by then :)


  1. Awww, I really like these. The selfie is so cute! Also, I'll try being more grateful for my ice-free! :)

  2. I love how you Canadians just keep on keepin' on when there is SNOW AND ICE EVERYWHERE. That is just such a foreign concept to me. :) You can push a stroller on snow?! I think mine would just shudder and die on the spot.

  3. I love glimpses like these into a day in the life. Your days are full! (And I want to hear more about the ballet class.)

  4. I read chapter books with my oldest, and he loved it! We went through all the Narnia books. It was great to have that special time with my kiddo and share books with him that he enjoyed but would've been too hard to read on his own.

    1. I'm waiting a little bit to introduce Sam to Narnia but I can't wait to read it with him!!! And reading to Sam is quickly becoming one of my favourite times in the week.

  5. I still love reading chapter books with Evan and especially now that he can read them out loud to me (and not in that painfully slow just learning to read way either!). We are working through the Percy Jackson series because he loves the crazy Greek mythology stuff. And although I don't envy the day in the life of a person without a dishwasher, I do remember and appreciate the satisfaction of washing a sink full of of my chores growing up. I love a sink full of warm soapy water. :-)


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