Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday Randomness

These are all photos I've taken over the last few weeks, and since I have no time to write a proper post, this is what you get! Also, since I ended my Project 364, I haven't been taking as many pictures lately. Oops :)
This is a picture from the GOJHL All-Star game which Sam won us tickets to. We really enjoyed it.
This is our playroom, after Christmas and before we (and by "we" I mean "Dave and I") cleaned it out and reorganized it.
About an hour and a half later, it looked like this. And the kids have really been enjoying playing in it.
Our next door neighbour dropped off a present on Christmas Eve with knitted slippers for all of us. She also included these two sweaters for Sam and Rachel. I was completely overwhelmed with her generosity.
We had Tim, Janice, Tessa, and Willem over for a belated Christmas celebration. Rachel and I baked a gingerbread cake.
 Janice, Rachel, and Dave were triplets!
 The kids were excited to open their presents.
 The gingerbread train the kids made with my parents got eaten!
We not only watched the Siskins' play hockey, but also Aaron from our small group. We've watched three of his games over the past two weeks, and it's always fun!
It was a cold, frosty, and sunny morning yesterday. It made for beautiful pictures. My friends were posting them all over Facebook. And yes, I was too!
Rachel and I went for lunch at the food court. She had very static-y hair!

This past week has not been very exciting. I've had three major headaches in six days so I've spent a lot of time sleeping while Rachel watches videos. I've also been preparing for the Winter Term of LOGOS which starts tonight! Yay! And I've been trying to get ready to celebrate a certain someone who is having a birthday on Saturday.

And speaking of that... I won't be blogging tomorrow but come back on Saturday to read all about the birthday person!

Or don't. It's up to you :)


  1. I am in awe of people who can knit ANYTHING - especially anything as complex as clothing! SO COOL!! (Or rather, warm.) I thought it was pretty amazing that you got the same frost there that we got here! Must have been widespread. SO gorgeous!!!

    1. I also thought it was cool how widespread the frost was. And I used to knit sweaters but they are a lot of work so I stopped! But it makes me even more appreciative of the ones Sam and Rachel got.

  2. That picture of the before and after play room has me smiling. I just love freshly organized rooms. I drive my husband and kids crazy constantly straightening up their chaos. Haha! And I love the sweaters...what awesome neighbors! I am in the beginning stages of knitting and cannot even imagine knitting clothes yet although I did make a diaper cover for Mattox this weekend. I am almost finished with his blanket too so I might actually get it done before he is born. I remember doing that same gingerbread train with Evan several years ago (maybe 2010?). He loved it. So have you guys been having some warmer weather this weekend? It seems like Eddie brought sunshine and warmth back with him because it has been so nice here since Friday and should remain sunny all week. I was just so sick of all of the cold wet weather lately. Hopefully, the warmth and sun of Mexico will make you all feel better! :-)


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