Tuesday, December 17, 2013

We Had A Hard Time Picking Just One

Tomorrow I'll be linking up with Faith at Walk With My By Faith for her Christmas Card Carousel. Before I show you our final, polished Christmas/Chanukah card, I thought I would show you the myriad of amazing pictures we had to choose from. We got a family friend to casually take our picture one night after LOGOS and I think she really managed to capture us. What do you think???

(These two photos were actually taken by a different friend earlier that night but since Sam was obviously being extremely cooperative (ha ha ha!), we tried again later.)

To see the outtakes of our card pictures from 2011, click here!


  1. Ha!!! I will be extra-appreciative of nicely posed pictures from now on...apparently they're not so easy to get?!

  2. We have not yet made our pictures! Thinking maybe New Year's cards are more realistic this year? (Rachel's pigtails are the cutest.)

  3. Does Sam need to be reminded of how cute he is?? He, he....love these! : )

  4. Your pictures look so much like our family pictures. ha! You've made me feel so much better about us. =) And I just have to say, Rachel in pig tails is the cutest thing ever!!!


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