Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas, Crazy Hair and Coziness

So I have to admit, I wasn't completely looking forward to yesterday. It was only the fourth Christmas Day in my life that I had not spent with my parents. We had arranged some fun outings but then, with Rachel being sick last week, everything was up in the air. Fortunately Rachel was healthy again on Tuesday so we were able to solidify our plans and we ended up having a really good day.

First of all was opening presents. Okay, basically Sam and Rachel opened presents.
On Christmas Eve day I heard a noise which I thought was someone putting something in our mailbox. The mailbox was empty so I went back to reading. Later that day we discovered a package hanging off our back door. Our next door neighbour, whom I've met once, had dropped off a bag with a present for each of us. Dave and I got hand-knit slippers and Sam and Rachel got these adorable toques. We were so moved  by her generosity.
Sam had brought home a bag on the last day of school and, despite various hints, we had no clue what was in it. It turns out he made us each a coaster. They are adorable but my favourite part was the card he printed for us, complete with enthusiastic hugs and kisses! He loves his exclamation marks :)
On Christmas Eve afternoon, when I was feeling a lack of Christmas enthusiasm, I made a list of everything fun (and some not so fun!) things we wanted to do these next few days. Here's our complete list.
Since our lunch with friends was on for today, I offered to bring Holiday Rice Krispie Squares, since it was something I wanted to do anyways. They were fun to make and the kids and I enjoyed cutting them into festive shapes. Rachel also enjoyed licking the marshmallow goo off the scraper! Ha ha ha!!!
Meanwhile, Dave and Sam were putting together some of Sam's toys, complete with a little frustration on Dave's part.
Then we headed to our friends' house for an appetizer lunch (which I love!!!) and for an excellent afternoon of visiting.
From their house we went straight to the Wonders Of Winter light display with Tim, Janice, Willem and Tessa. It was a nice evening to walk around and look at lights with them. Our kids were pretty exhausted though, so they wanted to be held almost the whole time. Thankfully, Tessa carried Rachel for a bit so I got a break. Yay :) And I didn't take any pictures. Boo :(

Then we came home, ate some supper, and Sam played with his new toys, Dave played piano and Rachel and I each read our own book on the couch.
Tim, Janice, Tessa and Willem dropped by a little later in the evening and gave Sam and Rachel their Christmas presents -- fleece sleeping bags with their names on them. Sam and Rachel immediately tried them out and Sam insisted on sleeping in his on his bed last night.
In case you couldn't tell, Sam was rocking the crazy hair yesterday and the fleece sleeping bags brought the coziness :) I am so thankful for good friends who fill the gap (and do it really well!) when we can't celebrate holidays with family.

How was your Christmas? I hope you had as good a day as we did.


  1. An appetizer lunch! Now hos much do I love THAT idea???? Genius! I love the relaxing day you had - and all the fun moments and gifts. That's how Christmas should be!!

    1. The lunch was everything I love and adore about food! And, except for the fact that we weren't with my parents, it was pretty much a perfect Christmas Day!

  2. Whoa-- I want a fleece sleeping bag!! How cool is that?! Glad yall were able to have a great Christmas! And out of curiosity- does your mail actually get delivered on Christmas Day?? Our post offices/banks/everything are closed on Christmas. I was just intrigued that you thought it could have been mail!

  3. I'm so glad that you all had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was great as well. I love your list of to do's. I have one going too.

  4. Looks like a great Christmas! Also, your rice Krispy treats look delish! I'm going to try to make some with peppermint marshmallows in the next weeks. :)

  5. I love the picture of you and Rachel on the couch reading. : )


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