Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Post With Way Too Many Pictures Of Our Fake Christmas Day

Oh, the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we've no place to go
Let's celebrate Christmas in the snow!
Okay, so that's not quite how the song goes but that's what we did anyways! Yesterday was our Saskatoon Christmas Day. And I woke up feeling about 98% normal -- an early Christmas miracle! Whoo hoo!!!
Sam and Rachel (somewhat) patiently played with the (wrapped) presents under the tree while I slept in. And then we got the traditional "Christmas morning" family picture in front of the tree.
Then we opened presents. I got handmade (by my aunt) Cabbage Patch Kid clothes for my Cabbage Patch Kid (hahaha! Love it!)! My mom also got my aunt to make me a special clothespin apron for hanging out my laundry. Yay!!!
Sam got a Saskatchewan Roughriders Grey Cup Championship t-shirt and the Lego Bible. Unfortunately he thought it was actual Lego and was a little disappointed that it wasn't.
Rachel got play fruit, pots and pans, and a stove! Her stove was thought up by Oma and made by Opa.
Then we had Christmas breakfast. Okay, everyone else had breakfast, I had a mochaccino.
After breakfast we all hung out. Except for Dave who ventured out into the cold to take some nature pictures. And my dad who went to pick up my grandma and run some errands.
My Grandma Krahn came over for supper and we had some fun with different kinds of napkin folding. Rachel really enjoyed the "two babies in a hammock" Great-Grandma folded for her. Opa demonstrated the "dead chicken" napkin folding technique!
We enjoyed my mom's yummy Christmas pudding with caramel sauce and ice cream for dessert. It has carrots and potatoes in it so it's really quite healthy! :)
After supper, since Opa and Oma took pity on Sam and his disappointment at not having Lego, and Opa had run some errands, we had Christmas Part Two. Rachel got a puzzle, which she then proceeded to do about fifteen times.
And Sam was thrilled to get his Lego. It is a set which makes a helicopter or a plane or a hovercraft. Opa and Sam made a plane together.
Earlier yesterday afternoon I had had a fleeting thought that this was the first Christmas in quite a number of years where we hadn't received something from Polka Dot Piggy Designs, my cousin's business. Then Mom and Dad had one last present for us. And it was oven mitts, my cousin's newest creations!

Okay, you all need to get yourself a pair of these oven mitts and a camera which has continuous shooting mode. Oh, and family members who are willing to pose crazily with these awesome oven mitts! I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. Or heard Dave laugh that hard! I promised my mom and dad and Dave that I wouldn't post any of their crazy poses but I have no such obligation to not share these awesome pictures of me :) Enjoy!
For a Christmas Day determined solely by cheap(er!) plane tickets and convenient scheduling, it was a really great day! And we still have four days of Saskatchewan adventures to come...


  1. I'm so glad y'all are having such a great time together! Great pictures. And, super cute potholders!

  2. Merry Christmas! I am stealing that stove idea!

  3. You have me SO IN THE MOOD to hurry with my Christmas festivities now!!! I loved this recap of the day so much - all the way through and including the silly pictures with the oven mitts! You are a joy-bringer!

    1. Thank you! Your comment about me being a joy-bringer is making me smile a lot so you are one too :) And yes, it was such a fun day!

  4. I do not understand how a dessert with carrots, potatoes, caramel sauce, and ice cream can exist. THOSE THINGS CANNOT ALL CO-EXIST. You Canadians are something else, that's for sure. ;) BUT everything else looks awesome!!! Those oven mitts are fab!!! And the dead chicken napkin fold??! That is hilarious!!!

  5. Dave did a great job taking nature pictures. Beautiful! The stove was such a cute idea. What a great day!

  6. What a lovely Christmas celebration! Again, I am jealous. You also reminded me that I really wanted to get my boys that Lego Bible. My nephews have it, and I have been wanting to get it. I just checked Amazon, and it is currently on sale so purchase is now being made. Thanks especially for that! Also, I thought the same as can a dessert have carrots and potatoes and caramel and ice cream? Haha! I also love that you have so fully embraced your love of southern style by dressing Rachel in a smocked Christmas dress. :-)


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