Monday, December 09, 2013

Copyright Infringement And An Apology

In April I wrote this post and Allison commented that it reminded her of a post she had written. You will see that I commented on Allison's post about reading her archives so as not to accidentally steal any of her other post titles.

And then I wrote this post. (Specifically, check out the former title.) And in my sickness-induced haze I went back to bed for another day. I think I slept about eighteen out of twenty-four hours with this illness. It was that awesome.

On Friday night I started to feel clear-headed again and something was niggling in my brain. I started searching blogs I read regularly and then, on Allison's blog, I found this.

I feel like an awful blogger. Not only can I not think of good titles, I steal all of Allison's. It's either that or unexpected hospital trips really are fun. Allison, I am so sorry I ripped off your title. And I've changed my post's title now.

And if I've accidentally ripped off any of my other blog friends' post's titles, please accept my apologies. I didn't do it on purpose.

In other news, if you didn't read yesterday's post, Dave and Rachel came down with my awesome sickness, just as I was starting to recover. It's been great. Sam really wanted to go to Dave's work kids' Christmas party this past weekend though, so he and I went and checked it out.

There were bouncy castles (which Sam doesn't really like), Santa Claus to visit (which Sam was too shy to do), some snacks to eat (which Sam was totally into), skating (which I was too exhausted to attempt with Sam) and some crafts to do (Sam deigned to decorate one ornament). Mostly Sam wanted to watch the "hockey players" skate. If you can skate and wear a hockey jersey (as some of the skaters were), you are a "hockey player" in Sam's mind.

Oh yeah, he also wanted to get his present. Dave's work gives awesome gifts to the kids of their employees at Christmas.

Rachel got a HUGE stuffed turtle. I cannot emphasize how big this thing is. I warned Dave on the way home she would likely be scared of it. She was. I had to lie on it, to show her it was friendly, and then she kicked it in the face about five times.* When it continued to lie there, she hesitantly lay on it, but as you can tell from the pictures below, she was still a little skeptical.
Sam received a car mat and two Hot Wheels cars. He was in heaven. Again, this mat is HUGE, as you can see below.
 Dave's workplace, you did it again. Thank you so much!

*Don't worry. We don't let Rachel do this to live animals she finds scary. Or people.


  1. Ha, I love the intro to this post! No apology necessary, but you are forgiven for unintentionally doing something totally unoffensive ;)

    And seriously, Dave's workplace DOES give great gifts to their employee's kids - that's awesome!

  2. I think stealing blog titles is totally fine. Otherwise there would be millions of lawsuits flying over "weekend recap!" and "happy thanksgiving" titles, ha. And I'm sure Allison understands that imitation is the highest form of flattery...and that you're trying to steal her identity. Those are some HUGE presents Dave's boss gives! Holy cow! I'd be skeptical of a turtle that big, too!

  3. My goodness! I wonder how many times that I've done that? And this month, I've been using lyrics from Christmas songs as my post titles. Yikes!

    I am so sorry that your family has been so sick. I know that's tough. Prayers for all of ya'll!

  4. I have done that unintentionally several times too (saw a couple after I'd posted a blog--just coincidentally by the same title)!

  5. Hope you all feel better soon! : )

  6. Well, I figure that since all of my blog post titles are pretty standard and generic and not very creative, they are either too boring to replicate, or there are already a million posts out there with the same title. Haha! If Rachel is skeptical of that turtle, I guess I wouldn't recommend she watch "The Neverending Story" although I love it. That big silly turtle that crosses its eyes to sneeze is hilarious! If you've never seen it, I guess you'll have to now to see what I am talking about! :-)

  7. I probably wouldn't even notice if someone stole one of my blog post titles!

    Those presents seriously are awesome! I hope you are all healthy again before Christmas, both for your sanity and so that you can enjoy it!

    1. I love how awesome Dave's work kids' presents are! And yes, we are almost all healthy again.Yay!


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