Saturday, December 14, 2013

Just Hangin' Out

The past two days have just been days of relaxing and hanging out at my parents'. We really haven't done much else. Rachel was excited to wash her new underwear. We are just starting to dip our toes into the toilet training pool again.
Sam has played...
...and played...
...and played...
...with his Lego and has astounded Dave and I with his ability to follow the instructions and make things by himself.
Rachel has just about mastered her puzzle. And the art of wearing twelve mini bows at once in her hair!
Oma and Opa and Sam made peppernuts. And then Rachel and Sam ate a whole ton of them!
Mom made one of my favourite meals -- verenicke and cream gravy and fried onions and farmer's sausage. Oh. My. Goodness. This is heaven on a plate. Trust me.
 And there has been some time spent playing iPad and drawing as well.
And on Thursday evening we introduced Sam (and, to a lesser extent, Rachel) to The Sound Of Music. The original one, of course. Sam LOVED it and was completely entranced, as you can see below. Opa made strawberry milkshakes to fortify us about halfway through, and following a long standing family tradition, we stopped watching after the wedding. (For years I thought that's when Sound Of Music actually ended and it wasn't until I had already left home that I realized there is a whole bunch of movie after the wedding. However, I will continue this tradition for now because a) the post-wedding movie is a little scary and b) the entire movie is VERY long and it was late when we started it.)
Because Sam enjoyed Sound Of Music so much, we managed to borrow Mary Poppins from the library and last night we watched that. Sam was just as entertained and we did watch the whole thing.

We've also spent a very little time outdoors and, yesterday Dave and I did a few errands. Other than that it's been nice just to hang out, eat a lot of food, laugh a lot and let the kids enjoy their new Christmas toys. These past few days have been what Christmas vacations are supposed to be about and I've been so thankful for them.


  1. Awe, I love these days you are getting to spend with Oma and Opa! It really makes me a little jealous though because they are such awesome parents/grandparents. I would love to sit and watch Sound of Music with you all although I get what you mean about the latter parts being hard to watch. It may be a little difficult to explain to Sam one day although when the time is right, I think it will be especially important to teach him about that period in history to remember especially with his and Dave's heritage. Some of my favorite childhood books were about the brave men and women from this time period. And yes, I also love some Mary Poppins. This post makes me want to curl up in bed or on the couch and watch movies all day (especially since we are supposed to have yucky cold rainy weather this weekend). :-)

  2. I love the Sound of Music. It's one of my favorite movies, but I usually just watch it about once a year. You're right, it's really long! I love Rachel with all those bows in her hair. She is such a doll. I'm glad ya'll are enjoying Christmas with your parents.

  3. I'm sad to admit I've never seen the Sound of Music OR Mary Poppins! Apparently I had a deprived childhood!

    I hope your neighbours are kind enough to shovel your driveway before you get home. It's been snowing here all day!

    1. You've never seen either of these movies. That is a deprived childhood :)

      Also, our wonderful snow shoveler did clear everything for us. We just about cried with happiness!

  4. Catherine Norris has those elephant PJs!


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