Sunday, December 08, 2013

On The Last Nights Of Chanukah

Even though the last night of Chanukah was on Wednesday, I wanted to fill you in on our last evenings of celebration.
On the seventh night of Chanukah we lit the candles, made hot chocolate and read almost all of our Chanukah books to the kids. Sam and Rachel LOVED the hot chocolate. They had theirs with marshmallows and I attempted this pin for Dave and I! We both thought it worked fairly well.
Fancy star-shaped whipped cream in my and Dave's drinks
The kids were too busy drinking their hot chocolate to pose for a picture!
On the eight night of Chanukah our plan was to go and buy various material goods we want to give as donations this year, such as French books for an orphanage in Benin, Africa and hats, mitts and socks for our church's Hat and Mitten Tree but then I got sick. Really sick. And I went to bed at 6pm.

So Dave and the kids lit the candles and we planned to go on Thursday night. And then this happened.

So then we planned to go yesterday and Dave and Rachel woke up with whatever I had. Ironically, I started feeling tonnes better on Friday night so we were looking forward to a really fun weekend. Oh well, eventually we will all be healthy again (right? RIGHT?!?!!?), and we will get our donations purchased.

And thus ends* our Chanukah celebrations for this year.

*Except for one more post coming in a couple of days about a fun new Chanukah tradition we started.


  1. I'm sorry that ya'll have been so sick. Praying for ya'll. Despite being sick, it looks like ya'll had a great holiday!

  2. I love the star-shaped whipped cream!! Genius!! And I hope your whole family feels better at the same time soon!

  3. Very cool starry whipped cream!

    Hope you're ALL feeling better!

    1. Thanks! It was a fun (and easy!) pin to make!


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