Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Somewhat Like Christmas

Kelly, of Kelly's Korner, is hosting her Christmas Tour Of Homes and so I wanted to link up our house. If you are visiting from over there, welcome here and thanks for stopping by. I have to say, we are currently halfway across the country celebrating an early Christmas at my parents' house so our decorations at home are a little lacking.
Our outside is looking pretty festive though! I put evergreen branches in our window boxes and hung ornaments on them. My plan was to string lights throughout the evergreens but I couldn't find an outside plug at our house (we just moved in in August) so that plan was not successful.
I convinced my husband, Dave, that our tree out front really had to have some ornaments so I decorated that tree as well. I just love the way it turned out.
Since we put up a live Christmas tree, we decided not to do that before we went out of town for a week, so instead I decorated some of my plants! Unfortunately I forgot to water this plant for almost a month and it's not looking as good as it could be.
I then attempted this pin, which I love, on our piano, since we don't have a mantle. I realized belatedly, like after I'd bought and hung up the ornaments, that because our piano is darker than the white mantle in the pin, that a different colour of ornament would have popped a little more and looked a lot better. Oh well, live and learn. I also decorated the plant on top of the piano :)
Of course, I have our Nativity Set up. Although Sam, my almost five year old, insists on all the figures lying down. I told a friend, "It's like they all completely ignored the angels and fainted in fear!"
I told the story of my Nativity Set last year but I want to share it again because it is so special to me. I bought this olive wood nativity when I lived/worked in Israel-Palestine in 1999-2000. I actually bought it for my parents and never got one for me. And I hadn't regretted it one bit until last year. One day, out of the blue, my parents called and said, "We think you should have that nativity set at your house now" and it was really hard for me to say no. I just love it and am so thankful to have it.

I will make an Advent wreath when we get home on Monday but until then, our wreath currently looks like the picture on the left, excluding the greens which are waiting for me in the garage. Ha! It will look somewhat like last year's, which is shown on the right, when I get it finished.
Since I had some extra ornaments from the piano, and Sam spent some time cutting up some green ribbon for me to "use for Christmas decorating," I created this little display in one of our dining room windows.
That corner below the window is where I'm thinking our Christmas Tree will go this year. And I haven't quite decided where our stockings will hang yet.

As we are at my parents' house right now, I wanted to share a few small pieces of my mom's decorating. She and Sam actually decorated most of the tree together on Tuesday.
Our stockings were hung on the stair rail with care.
And I absolutely loved the way my mom displayed her Nativity Set with tea lights interspersed throughout. I thought it was just beautiful.
Once again, thanks for coming by and checking out this cross-country decorating! I hope you enjoyed your visit and I'm looking forward to checking out, and being inspired by, the other blogs in this link-up. Merry Christmas to you!


  1. LOVE the window boxes and ornaments on the trees outside!! I think your house looks so lovely and inviting from the outside!! And have we discussed the fact that I think our nativities are very similar/the same?? Mine was my grandmother's and she got it in go look at mine and let's discuss this further!!! I love how your mom did hers with the candles, but I don't think it'd work for mine(ours). When I was in college and we never had a Christmas tree, we would also decorate our indoor plants. So fun!

  2. I love the ball in the outside of your trees! And you are right the tea lights in the Nativity looks perfect. I will keep it in mine when I don't have littles running around to knock them over and burn the house down. I love her tree too

  3. What a beautiful nativity scene! Stopping by from KK link up.

  4. Beautiful! Our tree is up, and that's about it!

  5. Your house is SO cute! I love the lying down nativity and the one with tea lights - that's beautiful!!!! Thanks for linking up!

  6. So I am impressed that no one has opened the presents under the tree yet. I am not that brave to have them out yet...oh wait....just going back to read and realize that is your mom's house...NOW it makes sense ;) JEALOUS of your snow!! Send it down here!! I'm sure the post office would agree to ship some snow internationally. I'm also sure it would be extremely cheap. :) Love your decorations!

  7. So, so pretty! Love how your house has so much character!

  8. I too just love how inviting and cozy your little house looks from the outside. The snow just adds even more character, and it really doesn't even need decorations although the Christmas ornaments from the trees and the fresh greens are a perfect compliment to it. I also love your sweet little nativity and how Sam has everyone lying down and "resting." Haha! I really want a special nativity like this which is why I've never bought one. I have just never found "the one," but I know one day I will maybe when the kids are older and there is less chance of them breaking it. I also love your mom's Christmas decorations in her lovely home and that beautiful picture of her nativity scene! Just so special!

  9. I love all of the detail that you put into things... and, using your piano as a mantel I such a great idea! I love those ornaments you hung... That nativity is fabulous... something you definitely will be able to pass to generations to come. :) It's all just beautiful! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Since I don't have a mantel I have to improvise with our piano! After all, it's a long flat surface which is hard to decorate :)

      And I'm excited to pass on my Nativity Set to my kids (or grandkids!) as I think it is definitely a keepsake. Merry Christmas to you too!

  10. Oh my goodness. LOVE all the use of the ornaments! I need to be better about using them in places OTHER than the tree!!!!!


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