Saturday, October 06, 2012

"Your Seat Is Now A Hot Spot"

Also known as "posting from the train" as the above title is from a sticker on the train window. We're somewhere between Rome and Utica and have another four hours to go on our trip. (We've got eight hours behind us so that's something positive to think about!) I've got all these train/travel songs running through my head so I thought they would make random captions for the pictures from today. Enjoy!
"All our bags are packed, we're ready to go."
"Stairway to Heaven"
(or you know, something to keep Sam entertained while we waited!)
 "I'm in a New York state of mind."
 "The Rock Island Line is a mighty good road,
The Rock Island Line is the road to ride."
 "In the buffet car we lurched back and forth."
 "Train whistle blowing, makes a sleepy noise."

And that is the limits of my creativity for now. Tune in tomorrow to see if the train became "Crazy Train" or if I decided that "Some of My Best Friends Are Trains."

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  1. This post made me want to take my boys on a trip by train. I've always wanted to do it and never have. It just seems like a more relaxing and laid back way to travel. Is that the case?


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