Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Fun

Today we actually did make it out the door to the pumpkin patch/corn maze we wanted to visit. It was a little cold and slightly drizzly so we decided we would divide our visit in half. Today we did some things and next weekend we'll go back and pick out our pumpkins. I want to try and get a picture of Sam and Rachel in the pumpkins for a new blog look but neither kid was particularly cooperative today :)
Rachel kept looking for Dave or crying or looked "slightly concerned" as Dave calls it. I had forgotten how much cool stuff this place has to do. There were tons of pumpkins around...
...a wooden train to play on...
  ...and hay bales and a corn maze to explore. There were also some other neat things I didn't get pictures of. Maybe next week!
And here's proof Sam wasn't in the corn maze by himself. Fortunately the maze wasn't super huge so we wandered around for about fifteen minutes and didn't really get disoriented.
  The giant hay bale spider was outside our local supermarket and the scaly pumpkins were at the pumpkin patch. I thought they looked so cool. I love Fall and days like today are some of the reasons why -- cooler weather, fun outside, and time to slow down and enjoy family togetherness. Check back next week to see if we make it back to actually get some pumpkins this time!

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  1. Cute! The pumpkin patch is definitely on our to-do list this fall. That giant spider is very cool.


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