Friday, October 12, 2012

Today: In Pictures

I had a different post planned for tonight but Dave came home with a headache and nausea and my evening didn't turn out the way I thought it would. So instead you are getting some random pictures I took today to see what I did.
Janice and I went to The Silver Spoon for tea today. I had English Garden tea and it smelled exactly like an English Garden. Which made me want to go to England again. What is the name for someone who wants to go to a ton of different places? So far, since August I have wanted to do a Canadian East Coast tour, do a Southern US tour, go to England and spend more time in New York City. So either I need to get a really high paying job (which allows me a lot of vacation time) or be a little more realistic in my travel plans! Ha ha ha! Anyways, that was a very long tangent. For sweets we got a sampler platter which featured fruit and a lot of pumpkin delicacies. It taught me that really, I only like fruit and chocolate. Oh well.
Next week is our last CSA pickup for the season. I have loved going out to the farm to get our fresh veggies every Friday. And I have loved plunking Miss Rachel down in front of the stand where we pick up our food and letting her explore. Next year she will be a walking menace (as Dave and I jokingly call it!) and these kinds of pictures will be a thing of the past.
And this is the road to our CSA today. I just had to stop and take pictures of the fall beauty. I don't miss the summer heat and humidity one bit. Even though I'm a little cold and it's going below 0C tonight (down to 26.6F) I don't care. I LOVE Fall!
This is our fridge stuffed full of food. It was a challenge and a half getting everything to fit. All the CSA veggies take up a lot of room. And yogurt was on an awesome sale last night so I stocked up on that too. Between Sam and Rachel and me we go through four or five a day. (And I only eat one!)
Do you all have chores which you just NEVER do??? Dave and I do. And one of the things I never do is deal with the food waste. Our garbage program here asks us to separate out all food waste and it gets composted by the region, rather than by individuals. So we have a food waste bin. And it grosses me out. I usually just put the food waste in a container by the sink and Dave dumps it into the bin. But, remember I mentioned above Dave was feeling under the weather tonight? Yeah, so I was scraping food off Rachel's highchair tray into the food waste bin when it unbalanced and fell on the floor. Upside down. On the rug. As you can see from the first picture. Dave heard my cry of, "Noo-ooo-ooo-ooo!!!" and came downstairs to clean it up. He was feeling much better by this point so I didn't feel too guilty. And he's agreed that I just shouldn't try to deal with the food waste bin. Now we'll just all go back to our regularly scheduled chores. Thankfully.

I'm sooooo excited for tomorrow because we have a completely free Saturday at home for the first time in ten (Yes, 10!) weeks. We have nothing at all planned. Of course we have ideas but if we wake up tomorrow and decide we don't want to go anywhere or do anything, no one is depending on us to show up. Yay! If some of our plans come to fruition I will of course share but if we decide to chuck it all and do nothing be prepared for a really boring blog post! Ha ha ha!!!

And on that note, I'm going to bed. Good night.


  1. Would that be a wanderluster? At any rate, enjoy your free Saturday!

  2. I love the fall pictures! I also highly recommend a trip to the Southern U.S.! ;-) Although we have a soccer game today at 11:00, I am also looking forward to a less busy weekend. Haven't decided what we'll do with the little bit of free time we'll have but some good naps may be in our future. Hehe!

  3. And I posted a response to your questions about communion on my blog. Hope it is interesting! :-)


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