Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm Not Blogging Tonight. (Really, I'm Not.)

And the reason I'm not blogging tonight, in no particular order, is because:

1) I didn't take one. single. picture. all day long. And how boring is a post without pictures. (A post from me at least. When it comes to other bloggers I read, I don't care if you have pictures or not -- just blog already!)

2) Rachel is now off the antibiotics. And she has a rash. And she has a doctor's appointment for Thursday. So if she gets worse before then it's back to the walk-in clinic for us. (Thanks to Dr Google I have diagnosed her with roseola which means the rash should be gone by tomorrow. If I'm right I'm applying for med school. Ha ha ha!)

3) I yelled at Sam no less than three times today and made him cry twice and who wants to blog about that? In my defense I was super-exhausted and he was super-needy. I know, I should have understood his position in all this -- he's tired too and bored and tired of his sick sister getting all the attention. Why do I always have to be the adult??? (Don't answer that one.)

4) We ordered pizza tonight for supper which Dave picked up (in the rain) on his way home from work. My pizza had pepperoni on it. I'm a vegetarian. The pizza place's offer of a free pizza NEXT TIME did nothing to get me supper tonight. So I walked back to the pizza place (in the rain) to get my correct pizza. By then the rest of my family was practically done eating.

5) Our landlord came, with a plumber, to check out the awful smell which has been invading our house every time we use our shower/tub since July. Of course, tonight, the ONE AND ONLY NIGHT, it needed to smell -- yep, you guessed it -- it didn't. The plumbers concluded it was the diaper in the garbage causing the smell. Do you think if it was just diapers in the garbage we would have figured it out before now?!?!?

6) I'm going to bed with the words of Annie ringing in my head, "The sun'll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun." Because despite what the weather forecast says tomorrow has got to be a better day than today. (ps. I also have songs from Les Mis running through my head because Erika blogged about that and I read her post before I wrote this one.)

So hopefully you understand my reasons for not blogging tonight. And I hope you all had better days than I did. Good night.


  1. Awww, sorry you didn't have a pleasant day! I guess as parents we take the bad with the good. Hope little Rachel feels better soon! And I know what you mean about feeling bad about yelling at Sam...I lose it with Evan a lot. Even though he is mostly a mature 5 year old, he can be very whiny when stuff doesn't go his way, and some days I can just lose it over stupid stuff. I hate it! I feel you on the plumbing stuff. Our spare bathroom has some major issues. I thought your problem might be the same. My husband said that all plumbing (sinks, toilets, showers and tubs) need a vent to allow air to get behind the water to help it drain. If it doesn't, you'll have water backup and possibly fumes from the "sewage." Our spare bathrooms toilet used to back up "raw sewage" that smelled worse than anything I've ever smelled. The bathroom didn't get used very much before Evan was potty trained so it happened most often when it hadn't been flushed in a while. Sink in there also backs up. Eddie also said if it doesn't have a "drainage trap" it can let sewer gas back into the house. I just thought you could check up on those issues with the plumber. I know it isn't a pleasant subject to discuss. Ha!

  2. Love the new blog look!
    I love to eat dinner alone. Sometimes I'll time it "just right" (accidentally of course) so that I make it to the dinner table as they are leaving it, and I get to eat in peace and read the newspaper. : )
    I'm with you on the yelling. It is the only way to get thru to them sometimes....I always feel guilty after, but not sure what else to do...it is getting easier now that he is at daycare more often. : )
    love this post!!

    1. Thanks for the comment on the blog look. I was ready for a change. The green of Spring/Summer just didn't feel right for this time of year.

      I think (know!) yelling is my main parenting downfall. Especially with Sam. Thankfully I've heard from other parents that three is a really tough age, not that it justifies it but I feel less alone.

      And of course having other parents admit to yelling helps me feel more normal :)


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