Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sixteen Months!

Rachel you are sixteen months old!
You were weighed at your doctor's appointment last Friday and even though it was a different scale I'm using that weight. You now weigh 22 pounds, and you are 29 inches tall. You are wearing a size three diaper and 12-18 or 18 months clothes. You are still in size 18 month sleepers.
You go to bed around 8:30 or 9 and you sleep through the night. We tuck you in with Funny Bunny on one side and Lobster on the other, we cover you with blankets and you just snuggle in. Your morning nap is definitely gone. You wake up between 8:30 and 9:30 and you are in the happiest mood. You are also usually soaked through your pjs so we get you dressed first thing. I still put you down for your afternoon nap anytime between 1 and 2:30 and you sleep about two - three hours. On Wednesdays and Fridays now Sam is going to preschool so you only get to nap from 1:20 until about 3pm which is a little short for you.
You have sixteen teeth now. Appropriate since you are sixteen months! Ha ha ha!
You eat two yogurts for breakfast and some Cheerios. Sometimes you eat a bit of Mommy's bagel, if she's willing to share, and sometimes some toast. For lunch you eat leftovers and then for supper you eat what we do. You really like eggs, bread and cheese. Last night for supper you ate FOUR helpings of shrimp, rice and greens and you ate a big bowl of (vegetarian) beef stew for lunch. We think you might be in a growth spurt. We feed you if the meal is messy but otherwise we put things on your tray and you feed yourself.
You still talk and scream and coo but you still don't have clear words, although you are beginning to repeat more sounds. We are still working on teaching you to say "Yum yum yum!" instead of screaming to get food. Sometimes you smack your lips but yesterday you said, "Yum yum yum" and waited patiently for your food. Yay! You love waving "bye bye."
You really like to walk holding onto things but you are starting to take more steps. And sometimes you walk a few steps instead of trying to figure out how to hold on to get from Point A to Point B. It feels like it won't be long (a few days? a week?) before you choose to walk independently more than anything else (ie crawling or walking holding onto things). You also learned to go up stairs (but not down) on our New York vacation so that is a bit of an issue.
You and Sam still get along so well. I love it. You are each other's favourite person to be with. Lately you have enjoyed pulling out all the toys and he makes up games. You still just adore Sam and I love watching the two of you play together.
You still like pulling all the shoes off the shoe rack, doing anything in Sam's room, and reading books to yourself in your crib. Your favourite thing to do in the dining room is still pulling all the recycling out of the bin. Your least favourite thing to do right now is have a bath. You scream and scream and scream and refuse to sit down.
You are getting so much bigger every day Rachel. It's hard to believe that likely by next month you will be an official walking, talking toddler. You're growing up so fast and we love you so very much Miss Rachel Roo. Here you are at sixteen months and, last October, at four months!

(And after all the pictures were taken today you went to play in the sandbox where you decided to eat the sand. Needless to say, baths happened BEFORE supper tonight!)

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  1. Awww, Rachel Roo sounds so sweet and is so cute, and I see so many similarities between her and Brody! A great nighttime sleeper, a great eater, slow to start independently walking and talking, but being very independent too. I have to write Brody's 18 month post soon (I skipped 16 and 17 months and thought I could just do the quarterly posts now and sum it all up in one). One thing I've noticed him start doing (and Rachel may start this too) is instead of talking to tell us what he wants, he will bring us whatever it is and put it into his hand. It is so sweet and cute and shows he knows a lot more than he lets on. Like he goes into our pantry (I really should put a child lock on the door) and gets a snack (usually an unhealthy one like a pack of cookies or some gummy snacks) and brings them to us. Little stinker...he learned that one from big brother! He'll bring us a ball and put it into hand if he wants to throw the ball too. Anyway, taking their time on talking does not mean they are not intelligent. I really had to learn that this time because Evan was a very early and great talker and is also very smart (his teacher has already told us he's the top of his class at reading and math so far). But my youngest nephew took his time talking, and he caught up fast and before he was three he recognized all his alphabet letters and new the sounds the letters made. All kids are different and learn in their own unique way. I know you probably already know all this. ;-)

    The picture of her with her mouth wide open is my favorite!


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