Thursday, October 11, 2012

Today's Schedule

7:00 -- wake up, shower, check e-mail stuff, Sam wakes up
8:30 -- start making casserole for lunch potluck
8:45 -- Nathan gets dropped off
9:30 -- finish casserole, Rachel wakes up, switch car seat to van
9:45 -- Nathan down for nap, feed Rachel breakfast, eat a yogurt and drink some tea
11:00 -- feed Nathan and Rachel lunch
11:30 -- everyone out to the car for picking up Dave and heading to a reunion potluck lunch for an hour
1:45 -- everyone down for a nap, unpack, do laundry, do some dishes
3:15 -- Nathan wakes up, feed him a snack, wake up my kids
4:40 -- Nathan gets picked up and we head out the door for LOGOS, a kids program at Waterloo North where I teach Grade 5 girls Bible Time and Dave helps set up for supper. The kids get to hang out in the nursery. We also get to eat supper there so that's awesome! Sam had an entire Nanaimo bar for dessert :)
7:00 -- leave LOGOS, do some errands and come home to finish unpacking and do more laundry
8:30 -- get the kids down for bed and check blog stuff while Dave has a work conference call and wait for our friend Donny who is going to be (unexpectedly) sleeping here tonight.
9:45 -- write a lame blogpost so I can remember today and eat some dessert from this afternoon and drink herbal tea with honey. Then go to bed because for some reason I'm tired...


  1. Awww, it sounds like a sweet day hanging out with the kids! And dessert is definitely a bonus to any day and a great reward for the unglamorous task of unpacking! ;-)

  2. Busy busy! But that casserole looks delicious. :)

  3. too busy! slow down! : )
    here's to a more relaxing weekend....aaaahhhhh!

    1. The weekend was more relaxing and definitely made up for a busy Thursday and Friday. Thankfully.


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