Wednesday, August 05, 2015

What Happened, July?!

This past month was a complete and total failure. I did not complete most of my goals and I was too stressed to even care. I blame it all on starting a new job. And VBS :)

Books I read:

The Evolution Of Mara Dyer -- Michelle Hodkin
The Heir -- Kiera Cass
Evolving In Monkey Town: How a girl who knew all the answers learned to ask the questions -- Rachel Held Evans
The Help-- Kathryn Stockett

Now, to be fair, I did skim through a few old favourites but, it was definitely skimming and not reading, so I can't add them to the list. I think my brain was so overloaded on trying to take in information about my job that it just couldn't process anything else.

And this is the second month I've gone without posting a book review. I am not doing a good job at sharing good books with you.

New recipes I cooked: None :(

What day am I at with Bible reading?
 Oh, I'm still stuck in February. I am optimistically taking my Bible to Saskatchewan because I'm hoping I'll make some time there to read it.

How many days did I drink enough water?
This is probably my favourite goal to report on this month, because thanks to my FitBit, I can report that I drank over 2 litres of water on all the days, except for nine of them, between July 4 and July 31. However, I can also report that I drank at least three litres of water on eleven of those days which also feels pretty good!

What percentage of Sam's lunches were made at night?

NONE!!! Because we didn't have to make lunches. Yay! (No, I am not counting the five days I had to take lunches to the pool.) Insert a little happy dance here :)

Where are we at in Canada: 
Again, we have made no progress :( I really want to finish this before the end of the year so I'd better get moving.

Running: I did try to go running a few times but my plans were thwarted (mostly by an early bird Rachel and a too tired husband) before I even got out the door.

Bun baking:
I did make buns this past month, specifically on the day we had two extra kids and knew we couldn't go anywhere. I decided that it was the perfect day for bun baking. And it was.
It was also a million degrees outside and I didn't have a chance for a shower, (because, hello, two extra kids) so I may not be looking my best in this picture. Ha!

House cleaning: Well there was the night right before I started work when I had a mild panic attack, Dave took the kids for two hours, and I cleaned five rooms. Other than that, packing up the majority of the house to get our floors refinished, put a major dent in this resolution.

Giving blood: I was actually going to get to give blood at the end of July but my month long cold was still persisting and I wasn't able to give blood. But I do have that appointment rescheduled.

Oh Resolutions -- July was not friendly to you. I am really hoping that we can repair our relationship in August. Let's agree to be committed to each other, okay???

If you made New Year's resolutions are you kicking their butts? Or have you completely forgotten about them? Or are you like me and completely failing at them? Let me know how your relationship with your resolutions is!


  1. And yet there are smiles on faces and memories made, so the month was not a loss!!! :)

  2. No kidding!!! How is it August already?!? Good grief!

  3. July was an extra quick month, wasn't it?
    My new year's resolutions are not going so well. I think I'm going to do some back to school resolutions. =)

  4. I didn't make any resolutions, so I'm doing fantastic. ;) I think you should give yourself a lot of slack- starting a new job definitely throws a kink in the schedule!!

  5. Hmm...started a new job, drank lots of water, and made homemade buns: TOTAL SUCCESS! Look at you go!
    I got off track with my health and fitness, which is why I joined the accountability group I mentioned on my blog/FB, and now I'm back on track. At least in those areas. :)

  6. No resolutions for me...definitely helps keep me from feeling as depressed since I know I would inevitably fail miserably. Haha! And I still am impressed with how much you accomplished all while going back to work. I don't get that much done in a month and am not working outside the home right now. Sigh. Oh and I think you sent us your cold. Sigh. Actually, it is probably this crazy weather we've been having. Last week, we had some actual chilly days in the lower 70s as a high and cloudy and rainy. Then, we will have a really hot day like yesterday and go back to a cloudy cooler day like today. Brody, Mattox, and I have all seemed to be getting some head congestion. :-(


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