Tuesday, August 11, 2015

On Sundays In Saskatchewan...

...we bake buns with Oma.
...we eat raspberries right off the bush.
...we laugh at Opa's fancy chandelier in the quonset.
(Okay, maybe that's just me!)
...we run through Oma's corn maze.
(Just "rows of corn" to anyone else, but a "maze" to Rachel!)
...we pick beans with Oma.
...we mow the lawn with Opa.
...we look cute in ear protection and Oma reads to us "about the pink flowers."
 ...we eat fresh garden vegetables.
Sundays in Saskatchewan are pretty amazing!


  1. My grandmother had an amazing green thumb, and amongst many other things, she kept a massive amount of raspberry bushes. To this day, raspberry picking is one of my favorite childhood memories.

  2. This looks pretty perfect to me...just add a nap, and it IS perfect!!

  3. Oh man...for the eightieth time, I find myself wanting to hang out/vacation with your parents!!!

  4. It looks just wonderful!!!!

  5. Yep, I'm with Erika! You know I really want to visit your mom and dad...or maybe live with them. Haha!


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