Monday, August 03, 2015

Technically, Today Is A Holiday

As the post title say, today is technically a holiday. I don't know that it has an official name, but I guess it depends on where you live. And if you checked out that link, I think it's ridiculous that various places in Ontario call it different names. Since our city isn't together enough to re-name it, we just call it "the Civic Holiday." Gah.

All this to say that we have a long weekend this weekend, but I'm now employed, and my August hours are wonky, thanks to leaving the province two different times (without using vacation time) and watching my friends' kids for eight days (again, without using vacation time). Put that all together and it means I am literally "working for the weekend" today.
All that preamble was basically to say, that despite the holiday, it's business as usual here on the blog. And in my office, which is pictured above. And let me just say that I spent over four hours yesterday going through every drawer and cupboard, getting rid of old, useless manuals, random scraps of paper (with unidentified phone numbers written on them), and various other "important" things like that. I also now know where everything is.

But before that happened though, this did:
Remember this post from last year? Yeah, I guess I don't learn my lessons. This would be the result of "working mom guilt" kicking in. It's a thing. It would also be the result of the kids discovering fusible beads thanks to one of the places they were being babysat, really enjoying them, and convincing me to buy some. (Which I won't work on with them by the way. I make them wait for an at home babysitter day for that and make the unsuspecting babysitter do it.) Anyways, on Friday, I didn't clean the buckets of beads up quickly enough and the above mess ensued. However the clean up was good for an hour of activity. For the kids, not me, let me be clear on that.
On Friday night, the kids decided to go on a canoe trip. In Dave's guitar case. They had a great time and made it home in time for supper :)

On Sunday morning, Sam had three meltdowns before breakfast, cried for about half an hour, and we decided to skip church. I think he was just really tired and wanting some at home time. So he got it. We had a full day on Saturday (which I'll blog about later because this post is already too long), and so we spent Sunday morning relaxing.

Rachel was busy doing things in the playroom and, suddenly, invited us all to a tea party for "Daddy's birthday." She had set the table, placed a candle in the tray of cookies, and improvised seats for all of us. Dave and I just about died of the cuteness. It was completely adorable.
Although there was technically a chair for me, Funny Bunny was using the fourth cup and plate, so Rachel said it was okay if I took pictures instead. I enjoyed documenting this fun moment of Rachel's imagination at play.

Sometimes parenting is kicking yourself because you bought 10,000 fusible beads for your children and then "there was a storm" and the beads are all over the playroom. Sometimes parenting is deciding to skip church because your six year old is completely losing it because he's so tired. Sometimes parenting is heading into work on a holiday because that's what fits with your schedule. But sometimes parenting is sitting down to a tea party because your daughter decided it was time to celebrate Daddy's birthday. And those times make the rest of it all worth it.


  1. And you are a very good parent!!! :)

    And that DESK....I'm swooning!!

  2. I love the last paragraph. This weekend had it's hard moments for me - like Karsyn dropping a glass jar of spaghetti sauce in the grocery store. Yikes! But, it is all worth it and you do have to pick your moments.

  3. Hmm, was this the weekend of crazy or what? For us, it was Brody climbing up on top of Evan's bed to reach the high shelf where their breakable stuff is and pulling down Evan's glass piggy bank he had gotten from his kindergarten teacher. Yes, it broke into a million pieces thanks to this houses concrete floors. Sigh. Glad there were good moments to overshadow the crazy ones. :-)

  4. I used to love those beads growing up! Although I still remember how tramitizing it was finishing one and knocking it all over as you picked it up to iron it.


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