Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week 3: Day In The Life

This is obviously the week for catching up on my 30 Week Writing Challenges! I was supposed to do this Day In The Life post quite a few weeks ago, but I wanted to document a summer, stay at home parent, day in the life, which I did yesterday, so here goes:

7:06am -- I hung out the first load of laundry for the day.
7:32am -- I was back from my run. Honestly, I haven't gone for a run since the end of May, but I am signed up for a short run on Saturday so I wanted to get out there again. I need discipline.
8:03am -- After my shower, I made our bed. I can't stand not having the bed made.
8:32am -- More laundry hanging. This time it was a load heavy on socks!
8:40am -- I washed the rotting onion off the bananas, cleaned out the fruit (and onion) bowl, and put away the dishes from the previous night. Somewhere in here I hung out more laundry and welcomed the (blognonymous) child I was watching for the day. The three kids played together all morning, with very little intervention from me, so I got a lot done.
9:43am -- I'm not a breakfast person, but by this time I was finally hungry so I had a homemade bun with jam (which my friends made), some peaches, and a coffee-hot chocolate. I also did a tiny bit of blog reading.
10:10am -- I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest, but I also love doing activities with my kids. We mixed up some "chocolate ice cream."
10:25-10: 49am -- I washed up the kale from our CSA, turned it into kale chips, and did the dishes.
11:17-11:47am -- I unpacked some more boxes (from our floor refinishing project) and carried up more stuff from downstairs. I also found some books to read for the Library Bingo challenge I am currently doing.
11:55am -- I spent some time folding and putting away laundry. And changing Sam's sheets. The rest of us got fresh sheets on the weekend when we reassembled our beds.
12:43pm -- Time to make lunch and cut up some watermelon. Rachel insisted on wearing long sleeves, long pants, and wrapping up in her blanket because she "was so so so cold." It was about 27C (80F) out at that point.
1:33pm -- The bedding was on the line.
1:38pm -- I finally got to eat my (by then cold) lunch. And drink the rest of the coffee-hot chocolate I'd made at 11am, which was also cold.
2:30pm -- The kids were settled in with a video and I tackled the glamourous job of cleaning the bathroom.
3:17pm -- It was finally time to play with the "ice cream." And I'd mixed up a batch of rainbow bubbles too.
It looks like ice cream but it's a mixture of cornstarch, water, and cocoa. The kids LOVED it.
This is dish soap mixed with water and food colouring. You mix with a mixer and they last for a long time. Quite honestly, I think this would have been more exciting for younger kids.
3:34pm -- While the kids played (and played and played), I cleaned up the vines our friend had cut off the house the night before, and did some deadheading in the front bed. I was going to mow the lawn but it was too hot. (Also, I've come to realize that I would never survive in the Southern US in summer.)
4:14pm -- Popsicle break for everyone! I cleaned up some toys in the yard, the child I was watching for the day got picked up, I hung out yet another load of laundry, and I got ready to spend the evening at work.
5:59pm -- Since we didn't have leftovers at home, I picked up some Harvey's, and arrived at work. I spent the next four hours catching up, while listening to the Blue Jays lose to the Phillies on the radio. It was actually a good evening, except for the loss.
10:28pm -- I arrived home and did dishes. Fun times. I then had a snack of kale chips and Bear Paws (we buy them "for the kids" but I've become a little addicted to them), ran up and down the basement stairs nine times (to get to an even 50 floors on my Fitbit!), and uploaded the pictures for this blog post.
12:05am -- I admitted defeat on finishing this post and headed off to bed.

And that was an exciting day in my life. Today will involve some more unpacking, a lot of laundry folding, and me praying that the three kids play as well together today as they did yesterday. And oh yeah -- it's raining so we won't be going outside today unless things get really desperate. Ha! Thankfully I have a few more Pinterest projects up my sleeve.


  1. Replies
    1. I know!!! I've eaten boxes of them this summer. And those are the big boxes from Costco. Yikes.

  2. I always love reading day in the life of posts. But I have to tell ya, your post kind of wore me out. I'm tired just reading about your day.

  3. This DITL post makes ME need a nap - whew!

  4. BUSY!! Do you think making your own kale chips is worth it? Been going back and forth.

  5. That is a lot of laundry....I do a short cut and when it is all dry I just throw it into each person's dresser drawers without folding it. They are slightly wrinkled but I don't care. :)

  6. Whew! What a day! Sounds like going to work may have actually felt like a break for you. Ha! I feel that way sometimes around here. ;-)

  7. So our dryer broke... And was so for 4 weeks until it finally got fixed. So I got to experience the hanging of clothes constantly to dry. I realized it was not as bad as I thought, but I think it would have been nicer to hang outside instead of all over inside the apartment... Bleh!


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